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Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care welcomes Marta Byma, DNP. With great care and understanding, Marta focuses on building a relationship with each patient to help women navigate their unique and changing health needs, before, during and after menopause. For an appointment, call Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care at (616) 748-5785.

Clinical psychologist Janelle Veenstra understands that women often overlook their own mental health needs. Dr. Veenstra focuses on helping women work through past or present struggles and life's challenges—listening and collaborating with her patients and providing the clincal expertise needed to improve their emotional health. For an appointment with Janelle Veenstra, PhD, call Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care at (616) 748-5785.

Care options can range between a sports care expert and a bag of ice. Use the Sports Injury Care Finder to answer a few injury-related questions and find out what your next play should be. Get the care you need. Fast. Visit to learn more.

Now you can shore up your health right on the lakeshore with Holland Hospital's conveniently located Primary Care office in Grand Haven. We'll serve you sooner with appointments for new and current patients so you can get back to your summer quickly. Call (616) 394-3200.

Learn more about the Big Red Classic, Lake Michigan’s second largest fishing tournament, and how the women’s portion of the tournament—the Women’s Ta Ta Tourny—gives back to the community by way of the Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund. Thank you, Big Red Classic!

Holland Hospital now offers a new incision-less, outpatient procedure option to reduce the size and symptoms of uterine fibroids, while preserving the uterus and surrounding tissue. Kristyn Oswald, MD, with Ob/Gyn Associates of Holland, explains the procedure and shares the benefits of treating fibroids utilizing the Sonata®️ system.

Does your toddler shun broccoli? Or your 4-year-old feed peas to Fido? Dr. Betsy Beckman, with Holland Hospital Family Medicine – Douglas, offers some simple tips for getting the pickiest of eaters to broaden their palates, from scheduling meal and snack times to introducing new foods gradually.

For more on keeping kids healthy, or to see Dr. Beckman, call (616) 394-3200 or visit our website to request an appointment:

Dr. Betsy Beckman is seeing pediatric patients in Douglas, Michigan. Her passion for medicine stems from a longstanding aspiration to nurture and care for people. As a pediatrician, she loves the opportunity to break down information that is sometimes overwhelming into tangible steps families can take to keep their kids healthy and well. Call (616) 394-3200 to schedule an appointment.

An ANA test detects antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in your blood. Positive ANA can be associated with autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, mixed connective tissue disease, myositis and rheumatoid arthritis. Aaron Hunt, physician assistant, provides an explanation of the complexity of this test. If you have questions about autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis or any other inflammatory diseases, call Holland Hospital Rheumatology at (616) 393-5336.

As a physician assistant, Aaron Hunt has a passion for understanding the complexity and intricacies of autoimmune diseases. He wants to know how diseases are affecting his patients’ daily lives and has the joy of seeing patients improve and respond to treatments. He provides diagnosis, treatment and care for autoimmune diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For an appointment with Aaron Hunt, PA, call Holland Hospital Rheumatology at (616) 215-0030.

Gout is a common form of arthritis that can affect nearly anyone. Stephanie Branam, DO, with Holland Hospital Rheumatology discusses the signs and symptoms of gout as well as treatments that deliver immediate and long-term relief. Dr. Branam is able to diagnose gout though lab work and imaging to deliver the best treatment options for her patients. If you have questions about gout, call Holland Hospital Rheumatology at (616) 393-5336 for an appointment with Dr. Branam.

Michael Lamphere, adult nurse practitioner, offers advice on avoiding the mitten state’s varied
seasonal ailments and injuries—from allergies and rashes to viral infections to poison ivy and

Whether you’re sneezing, itching or experiencing back pain from shoveling, Michael is here to
help. Call Holland Hospital Internal Medicine – North at (616) 399-9522 for an appointment

Board-certified rheumatologist, Stephanie Branam, DO, is dedicated to helping people better manage and overcome challenging rheumatological diseases. Dr. Branam works closely with her patients discussing treatment options together to find the optimal solution right for them.  

If you have any questions or concerns about any rheumatic issues, call Holland Hospital Rheumatology  at (616) 215-0030 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Branam. 


Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that can cause disability and long-term joint damage, especially when left untreated. That’s why Philip Velderman, MD, encourages people to seek care from a rheumatologist as soon as possible if they’re experiencing symptoms, such as joint pain, visible swelling and even general fatigue.  


Don’t ignore the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Velderman is here to help you find the relief you deserve. Call Holland Hospital Rheumatology at (616) 393-5336 for an appointment.  

One of the big reasons why Philip Velderman, MD, chose rheumatology as his medical specialty was because he wanted to help people function and feel better. He believes establishing good communication and a rapport with his patients are key to realizing this goal.  


Looking for a rheumatologist who can help you understand the cause behind your condition, encourages questions and will always make time for you? Call Holland Hospital Rheumatology at (616) 215-0030 for an appointment with Dr. Velderman.

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by weak and fragile bones, and although it’s more common in women, men can suffer from it, too. Laura Norder, family nurse practitioner, provides an overview of this “silent” disease, including how to screen for it and recommended treatment approaches.

If you have questions about osteoporosis, osteopenia or other bone health conditions, call Holland Hospital Bone Health at (616) 393-5336.

As a nurse practitioner, Laura Norder enjoys spending time with her patients, helping them understand their diagnosis and working together to develop the best treatment plan. With a holistic approach to care, Laura provides expert education and personalized care that treats the whole person for optimal outcomes. For expert bone health care after a fracture or help preventing osteoporosis, request an appointment with Laura Norder at Holland Hospital Bone Health at (616) 215-0030.

Holland Hospital’s surgical care is ranked #1 in Michigan and America's 50 Best Hospitals for Surgical Care. Look to us for exceptional quality care and an outstanding patient experience

For lifelong health, it’s important to build a relationship with a primary care provider you can trust. Amanda Mishler, certified physician assistant (PA-C) in family medicine, offers quick advice on finding the right fit for you.

Our doctors and providers will make time for you. Find a Holland Hospital provider by calling (616) 394-3200 or visit

EV Construction and Holland Hospital Physician Offices received the Holland Community Health Center Inspiration Award for their loyal support of the Culinary Cabaret, donating over $100,000. We greatly appreciate their dedication to improve the health of our community!

Learn more about the Holland Community Health Center and how it improves the health of our community.

Brian Dishinger, MD, is a skilled general surgeon who believes in connecting with people. That’s why he enjoys practicing in the smaller, close-knit community of Holland and at a state-of-the-art, patient-friendly facility like Holland Hospital.

While varicose veins can have different causes, there are effective ways to diagnose these causes. Brian Dishinger, MD, general surgeon, not only offers a comprehensive evaluation for varicose veins, but also provides the latest treatments for this common condition.