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<p>Christopher Howell, MD, Holland Hospital Internal Medicine discusses cholesterol types, risks and improving your cholesterol.</p>

With only 10% of Americans getting the recommended daily amount of exercise, internal medicine physician Corie Eklov, MD, explains how to use regular exercise to improve health.

<p>Do you know what to look for when it comes to skin cancer? Joni DeHaan, NP, with Holland Hospital Internal Medicine, shares important information about skin cancer prevention, who’s at risk, how to spot it and how it’s treated, For an appointment, call (616) 399-9522.</p>

<p>In this Medical Minute, Hannah Clark, NP, from Holland Hospital Internal Medicine, shares ways to help you manage stress and anxiety. Mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating and healthy sleep habits can be powerful tools.</p>

<p>Holland Hospital‘s community outreach initiatives seek to improve the health of the communities we’re proud to serve.</p>

Does your toddler shun broccoli? Or your 4-year-old feed peas to Fido? Dr. Betsy Beckman, with Holland Hospital Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, offers some simple tips for getting the pickiest of eaters to broaden their palates, from scheduling meal and snack times to introducing new foods gradually.

For more on keeping kids healthy, or to see Dr. Beckman, call (616) 399-0902.

Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes is a common complaint in children, usually occurring from a bacterial or viral infection. But when should moms and dads be concerned? Dr. Michael Rytting shares more in this Medical Minute, including problems parents should watch for.

Board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine, Dr. Rytting welcomes patients of all ages. For an appointment, call (616) 399-0902 or make a request online.

<p>The things that matter right now, aren’t things. And we want to show our appreciation to all those who have boosted us up during this health care crisis and given unconditionally so that all of us can do what we do best, provide the very best care to our patients. The care continues, right here.</p>

<p>Learn more about the completely remodeled Boven Birth Center. Where new facilities meet new beginnings.</p>

<p>Summer is here, and that means more outdoor activities, including bicycling. Here are a few simple, yet effective, tips from our Emergency Department team to keep you safe while enjoying the activity that you love.</p>

<p>Holland Hospital is pleased to announce the reopening of additional services while continuing to ensure the health and safety of all patients and staff.</p>

<p>For Josh Gillett and his dad, Dan, a heartbreaking situation has turned into a heartwarming message shared across the world. Not letting COVID-19 detour him, Dan walks four miles every day to see his son and newborn granddaughter through a glass door. Watch their story.</p>

<p>Holland Hospital proudly salutes our health care heroes who stand together— today and every day—to care for the community in the spirit of hope, compassion, respect and dignity.</p>

<p>As we work together to meet the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Holland Hospital are humbled by the outpouring of community support. Today and every day––no matter what new obstacles we face––we are here for you.</p>

<p>A message to the community from Holland Hospital President &amp; CEO Dale Sowders.</p>