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You might already know that not smoking is optimal for lifelong wellness, but how many hours of sleep should an adult get each night? How many minutes of exercise should you strive for each week? Dr. Carlyn Hoeppner answers these questions and shares thoughts on how to achieve lasting health.

Looking for more advice on living a healthy lifestyle? Call Holland Hospital Internal Medicine – Zeeland at (616) 394-3200.

Robert had to routinely take medication for his acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD) for more than 30 years—until he had the LINX procedure at Holland Hospital. See his story about this minimally invasive, game-changing procedure.

<p>Beginning at age 21, women should receive a Pap test to rule out cervical cancer. <a href="…. Lauren McGraw</a> provides an overview of this simple detection tool and why keeping up to date on cervical cancer screening is important for your lifelong wellness plan. </p> <p></p> <p>Learn more or schedule your Pap test today. Call <a href="">Hol… Hospital Family Medicine – </a>Douglas at 616) 394-3200.</p>

<p>Type 2 diabetes can not only be prevented, but also properly managed for improved wellness and quality of life. <a href="…. Emily Prevo</a> provides an overview of this chronic disease, including offering key information on weight management, nutrition, exercise and cardiovascular health. </p> <p>Dr. Prevo is now accepting new patients. For an appointment, call <a href="">Hol… Hospital Family Medicine – Zeeland</a> at (616) 394-3200. </p>

It might not be easy to talk about, but low testosterone or low t can be easily diagnosed and treated. Family Practitioner Dr. Jason Myers discusses low t and how it can be medically replaced for greater energy, libido and quality of life. Dr. Myers specializes in men’s health. Call Holland Hospital Family Medicine at (616) 394-3200 for an appointment today.

Many adults fail to get the quality sleep they need. Daniel Maring, DO, discusses some of the issues that could be keeping you awake—from sleep apnea and reflux disease to anxiety and depression to consuming alcohol or caffeine too close to bedtime. Watch this video to learn what you can do to improve your sleep health. Dr. Maring sees patients at Holland Hospital Family Medicine – Zeeland. Call (616) 394-3200 for an appointment.

Holland Hospital Family Medicine physician Dr. Daniel Maring had once felt he'd been missing out on the relationship component of practicing medicine. Today, he's fulfilling his passion for helping people by delivering comprehensive, patient-focused health care, with special attention on prevention and management of chronic disease. For a personal approach to your health and wellness, make an appointment with Dr. Maring. Call (616) 394-3200 or visit Family Medicine – Zeeland online.

<p>Menopause, gynecological health and annual screenings, our Women's Specialty Care team is ready to serve you. Take a virtual tour of the new Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care. </p>

Feeling under the weather? Have a minor injury? No matter the time or day, Holland Hospital has your wellness covered with primary care, walk-in care, virtual care and urgent care options.

After two decades as a pilot and ENT surgeon in the U.S. Air Force, Dr. TJ McDonald landed at Holland Hospital. Along with the expertise and multidisciplinary skill offered at Holland Hospital Ear, Nose & Throat, Dr. McDonald values the warm and patient-friendly atmosphere. From medical care to specialist support to surgical intervention, Dr. McDonald delivers the expertise you need for conditions of the ear, nose and throat, head and neck, close to where you work, play and live. For an appointment with Dr. McDonald, call (616) 393-2190.

<p>An inflammation of the sinuses, sinusitis can lead to nasal congestion, pain and pressure, and other uncomfortable symptoms. The good news is, there are many treatments available in your neighborhood—from medical options to immunotherapy to the latest surgical interventions. If you’re struggling to find relief from sinusitis, Dr. Timothy J. McDonald, ENT surgeon at Holland Hospital Ear, Nose &amp; Throat, encourages you to call (616) 393-2190 for an appointment and see how he can help.</p>

<span>What is a virtual 5k? How do I participate? Fund Development Coordinator, Colleen Perdok, answers all of your questions about this year's run. For more information about the School Nurse 5k, visit <a href="">hollandhospit…; For more information about our School Nurse Program, visit <a href="">hollandho…;

Dr. Peter Christensen, Holland Hospital Family Medicine South Washington, talks about addiction and opening up to your primary care physician. Your personal physician is there to discuss appropriate treatments and resources to help you or a loved one overcome addiction.

<p>Back pain affects up to 84 percent of Americans during their lifetime. Dr. Michael Borenitsch, Holland Hospital Family Medicine – South Washington, discusses causes of this common condition, as well as how to diagnose and treat it, including hands-on osteopathic manipulation. </p>

Joel Veldhouse, MD, Holland Hospital Pediatrics & Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, discusses the benefits of exercise for children and adults.

<p>Christopher Howell, MD, Holland Hospital Internal Medicine discusses cholesterol types, risks and improving your cholesterol.</p>

With only 10% of Americans getting the recommended daily amount of exercise, internal medicine physician Corie Eklov, MD, explains how to use regular exercise to improve health.

<p>Do you know what to look for when it comes to skin cancer? Joni DeHaan, NP, with Holland Hospital Internal Medicine, shares important information about skin cancer prevention, who’s at risk, how to spot it and how it’s treated, For an appointment, call (616) 399-9522.</p>

<p>In this Medical Minute, Hannah Clark, NP, from Holland Hospital Internal Medicine, shares ways to help you manage stress and anxiety. Mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating and healthy sleep habits can be powerful tools.</p>

<p>Holland Hospital‘s community outreach initiatives seek to improve the health of the communities we’re proud to serve.</p>

Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes is a common complaint in children, usually occurring from a bacterial or viral infection. But when should moms and dads be concerned? Dr. Michael Rytting shares more in this Medical Minute, including problems parents should watch for.

Board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine, Dr. Rytting welcomes patients of all ages. For an appointment, call (616) 399-0902 or make a request online.

<p>The things that matter right now, aren’t things. And we want to show our appreciation to all those who have boosted us up during this health care crisis and given unconditionally so that all of us can do what we do best, provide the very best care to our patients. The care continues, right here.</p>