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Mental health issues in athletes may not be as obvious as an ACL tear, but they are just as important to treat. Chris Alphennar, with Behavioral Health Services, talks about the pressures athletes face and the importance for teams/coaches to create a culture that invites discussion and reduces the stigma. Athletes encounter physical and mental challenges. Mental health is just as critical to stay healthy as a physical injury. Chris Alphennar, LPC, CADDC, shares the importance of mental health and athletes. Watch to learn more.

Feeling your best creates confidence, and age or trauma can affect how we look and feel. Dr. Nathan Salinas explains different lifestyle modifications as well as surgical and non-surgical treatments to looking your best. Learn more about Facial Cosmetic Services or Facial Plastic Surgery by calling (616) 395-2889.  

Hormones, nutrition, and improving intimacy can increase the value of a relationship. This topic can be a difficult conversation to have. Dr. Barb DePree talks about the direct health benefits of intimacy in relationships and the importance of addressing concerns with your provider and partner. Learn more about Vaginal Treatment Technology or call (616) 748-5785 to schedule an appointment.