Why Younger Adults Need Primary Care Physicians

Why Younger Adults Need Primary Care Physicians

Nearly half of millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, do not have an established relationship with a go-to doctor. A recent survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 45% of adults age 18 to 29 reported having no primary care physician. 


Studies have shown that patients who have good relationships with their doctors tend to have better health outcomes. A strong doctor-patient relationship builds honesty, trust and open communication that enable a doctor to provide quality personal care. 


What is a primary care physician?


The goal of a primary care physician is to keep their patients healthy through preventive care. This includes annual checkups, immunizations, tests, health screenings and coordinating patient care by advising treatment options and making referrals to specialists when needed.


Why do millennials and young adults need a primary care physician?


Primary care physicians provide personalized care. By knowing their patient's medical history, lifestyle and genetics, they can identify potential risk factors for diseases. Annual health exams build a patient’s comprehensive health history and enable doctors to catch problems early when they are more easily treated. Seeing your doctor annually reduces the possibility that you’ll need expensive specialized care later if an illness goes undetected.


How can I develop a good relationship with my primary care physician?


A little preparation can ensure you make the most of the time you have with your doctor. Some offices may have a patient portal where you can submit questions or concerns before your appointment.


  • Write down your questions and list any medications, vitamins and supplements you‚Äôre taking along with the daily dosages.  


  • Prioritize the goals or health issues you want to discuss with your doctor.


  • Be honest about your lifestyle, especially things like smoking, drinking or not taking your medication. Tell your doctor if you feel like a treatment plan isn‚Äôt working or doesn't feel right for you.


  • Keep up with your annual appointments, follow your doctor‚Äôs recommended treatment plan and monitor your progress so your doctor knows what‚Äôs working and can make adjustments when needed.



How do I find a primary care physician who’s right for me?


Finding a good primary care physician is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure better health outcomes for the rest of your life.


Holland Hospital physician practices offer access to primary care physicians in six locations including family, internal and pediatric medicine. Our physicians prioritize health promotion and disease prevention through patient-centered care. They also coordinate your care with our many specialty care providers.  



If you want to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider, please call us at (616) 394-3200.

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