Are you interested in a career opportunity in health care but lack experience? Do you enjoy learning new skills? Are you someone who genuinely wants to care for others and be a valued part of a clinical team? If so, you could be a Patient Care Assistant at Holland Hospital!

Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) are a vital part of our collaborative care delivery team. They serve every clinical unit and assist nurses in caring for patients by performing tasks like bathing and feeding patients, taking vital signs, assisting with discharge, or simply sitting and talking with patients.

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When you think of a career in health care, you most likely think of doctors and nurses. But there is a department at the center of each hospital that plays an important role in delivering a great patient experience. From scheduling to insurance verification to announcing overhead pages, Holland Hospital cannot operate smoothly without Patient Access.

“Patient Access is often the first point of contact for any patient coming into the hospital,” says Erin Locker, supervising coordinator.

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When you’re trying to eat healthily and be conscious of what you’re putting into your body, it can be helpful to make a habit of reading the ingredients list on processed food and beverages. However, it isn’t always easy to understand what exactly those ingredients are.

For example, most of us have seen “natural flavors” listed on ingredients lists, typically at the very end. The term may seem straightforward at first, but do we know what “natural flavors” actually are?

What are natural flavors?

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