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Audiologist Lindsay Roberts specializes in cochlear implants and shares how cochlear implants work and who might be a good candidate. She explains the evaluation process and the medical and surgical support cochlear implant patients receive throughout their treatment.

If you think you might be a candidate for a cochlear implant or would like to talk more about your options, call Holland Hospital Audiology at (616) 393-2190 for an appointment with Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

As a doctor of audiology, Lindsay Roberts, AuD, is skilled in diagnosing and treating hearing loss and balance disorders. Lindsay is passionate about helping people. Her clinical interests include cochlear implants and helping people understand their treatment options to improve their hearing and quality of life.

If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss or balance issues or straining to hear, call Holland Hospital Audiology at (616) 393-2190 for an evaluation with the experts.

Audiologist Grace Lee talks about causes of hearing loss and signs to look for. Different types of hearing aid options are available that can benefit those experiencing hearing loss.

If you or a loved one is struggling to get the most from your hearing, call Holland Hospital Audiology at (616 393-2190 for an expert evaluation.

Audiologist Grace Lee enjoys working with people of all ages and being able to help. Grace focuses on each patient’s individual needs and ways to improve their hearing to improve their overall quality of life.

Schedule your appointment with Grace Lee at Holland Hospital Audiology by calling (616) 393-2190.

Meet Heidi, a Registered Nurse at Holland Hospital. We're hiring RNs. Want to join our team?

Are you caring and compassionate? Do you have an eye for detail and enjoy helping others? Start your career as a phlebotomist and put your skills to use in a health care environment. No experience needed.

Susan’s story of survival is inspiring. Listen as she shares how the Holland Community Health Center has impacted her life.

From compassionate medical care and trusted guidance to patient advocacy and sharing of community resources, Susan tells how the team not only changed her life but helped save her life.

While heading to work, car enthusiast and avid exerciser Dan Janisse suffered a massive heart attack. If not for the quick response of his co-workers, EMTs and the teams at Holland Hospital, Dan might not be sharing this second chance.

Listen as he shares his story.

Celiac disease is an abnormal immune response to gluten, a protein found in foods containing wheat, barley and rye. Katee Hogoboom, PA, discusses symptoms of celiac disease and ways the experts at Holland Hospital Gastroenterology diagnose and treat this condition.

If you have concerns about gastrointestinal conditions, call (616) 546-9093 for an appointment.

Physician Assistant Katee Hogoboom has a passion for health and helping others. Part of the clinical team at Holland Hospital Gastroenterology, Katee understands how important the gastrointestinal system is to one’s overall health. Hear more about Katee’s care philosophy.

For an appointment, call (616) 546-9093.

Holland Hospital reflects on the 22-year tenure of retiring CEO Dale M. Sowders and celebrates his legacy on the organization and his outstanding contributions to the health of the lakeshore community.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)—or acid reflux—is a common condition. Samantha Getty, PA, discusses symptoms of GERD and ways that practitioners diagnose and treat it, which include lifestyle modifications or medications. Chronic GERD that goes untreated can lead to more serious complications, including cancer of the esophagus.

If you have a concern about your acid reflux, call (616) 546-9093 for an appointment with the experts at Holland Hospital Gastroenterology.

Samanatha Getty is a physician assistant who treats digestive health disorders at Holland Hospital Gastroenterology where they offer a full range of services, diagnostic testing and treatment modalities. Samantha creates individualized treatment plans to improve symptoms and quality of life for her patients.

Call Holland Hospital Gastroenterology at (616) 546-9093.

Eczema is a common skin condition in children that is characterized by chronic relapsing rashes that can be red, dry and itchy. Kelli Lund, MD, discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments of eczema to help the skin heal.

Dr. Lund welcomes pediatric patients from newborn to age 21 at Primary Care – Grand Haven.

Call (616) 355-3801 for an appointment or visit

Board certified in both pediatrics and lifestyle medicine, Kelli Lund, MD, combines her experience and passion to provide expert primary care for her patients—from newborns through age 21. Her unique approach focuses on the science of wellness and disease prevention through diet, exercise, stress reduction and social connectedness. Dr. Lund is excited to care for the community in which she lives and welcomes new patients.

Call Holland Hospital Primary Care – Grand Haven at (616) 394-3200 for an appointment with Dr. Lund.

Michael Foster, MD, is a board-certified primary care physician. That means he’s trained to care for patients of all ages – from newborn to geriatric patients. As a primary care physician, he enjoys connecting with his patients and providing for all aspects of their care, focusing on both their physical mental health and wellness. Dr. Foster welcomes patients of all ages at Holland Hospital Family Medicine – Zeeland.

For an appointment, call (616) 394-3200.

Anxiety and depression are common mental health conditions affecting people of all ages. As a primary care physician, Dr. Foster understands the need to reduce the stigma that’s often associated with these conditions—for both adult and pediatric patients.

He helps his patients bring their symptoms to light so they get the treatment they need to ensure their overall well-being. Dr. Foster welcomes patents of all ages at Holland Hospital Family Medicine – Zeeland.

Call (616) 772-7314 for an appointment or visit

Orthopedic surgeon, Derick Johnson, DO, and his team customize treatment options for each patient from injections to anti-inflammatory medicines to anterior total-hip replacement surgery. Holland Hospital Bone & Joint Center provides patients with surgical options that offer a quicker recovery that gets people back to their normal lifestyle within weeks, not months.

No referral is needed. Schedule your appointment today by contacting the Bone & Joint Center at (616) 738-3884 or visiting

Cartilage wear and knee pain can limit a patient’s day-to-day function. Orthopedic Surgeon Derick Johnson, DO, and his team personalize treatment plans for each patient – from anti-inflammatory medicines to surgical techniques using Mako™ Robotic Total Knee replacement – for a quicker recovery and return to active living.    

No referral is needed. To schedule your appointment, call the Bone & Joint at (616) 738-3884 or visit

Gynecologist Lorene Dreisbach, DO, is passionate about women’s health. She wants to know you on a personal level and takes the time to understand each patient’s individual health needs and goals. From contraception to menopause to sexual health matters, Dr. Dreisbach treat patients of all ages – with each appointment beginning with a conversation in a relaxed environment.


If you’re ready for a conversation with Dr. Dreisbach, call Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care at (616) 748-5785 or visit

Gynecologist Lorene Dreisbach, DO, discusses new non-hormonal treatment options for women suffering from hot flashes during menopause. Get relief from the disruptive vasomotor symptoms of menopause and make an appointment with Lorene Dreisbach, DO, at Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care. Call (616) 748-5785 or visit

An orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Bruce Stewart works with athletes and others experiencing injury and pain that limits their movement and function. He’s expert at diagnosing problem areas and recommends the best treatment and therapies—from minimally invasive surgical techniques to rehab and strengthening—to help patients recover and restore optimal function. For an appointment, call Shoreline Orthopaedics at (616) 396-5855.