Avoiding Slips and Falls in Winter Weather

Avoid slips and falls during the winter

Staying active is important for our overall health and well-being. And while just as important in winter, the shorter days and snowy weather make staying active a bit more challenging. Winter poses another concern when it comes to staying safe – not only during exercise but also while going about day-to-day activities: an increased risk of slips and falls.

Be aware of some common contributors to the rise of slips, trips and falls in winter weather:

  • Snowmelt from wet footwear can create slippery floors and stairs indoors.
  • Snow that obscures tripping hazards like curbs, cracks or elevated sidewalks.
  • Black ice, which is nearly invisible and especially common at night.

Thankfully, a little knowledge and a lot of caution can help prevent slips and falls during the winter season. Here are our top tips for staying safe outdoors:

  • Walk like a penguin! It’s one of the best winter safety tips to remember when walking on ice. Point your feet outward and bend slightly. Walk flat-footed with your center of gravity over your feet while extending your arms to maintain balance.
  • Be aware of ice. In cold temperatures, assume that all wet, dark areas on the pavement are slippery and icy and approach with caution.
  • Watch where you are walking and take smaller steps.
  • Keep your hands free so you can catch yourself if you do fall.
  • Shovel safely by making sure not to twist at your waist. Instead, pick up your feet and turn. Push the snow with your shovel instead of picking it up.
  • Take it slow – especially when getting out of your car or truck.
  • Wear correct footwear. Think sneakers and boots with a good grip on the bottom.
  • Dress for the weather – staying warm while walking outside can keep you from hurrying unnecessarily and increasing your risk of slipping and falling.

By being prepared and proceeding with caution, you can go about your day and even enjoy some outdoor exercise with a reduced risk of slipping and falling.

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