Lifestyle Medicine

What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

It’s no surprise that our lifestyle choices impact our overall well-being, but did you know that healthy living can prevent or even reverse as much as 80 percent of chronic disease?

Dr. Tyler Murphy is pleased to introduce Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based approach to lifestyle habits as the medicine for protecting your health and preventing disease. Dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health & wellness, lifestyle medicine specialist, Dr. Murphy uses a customized, organic approach that focuses on nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress reduction and environmental exposure.

Dr. Murphy will educate, equip and empower you with the information, resources and motivation you need to protect your health, fight disease, adopt healthy habits and live your healthiest life.

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If you would like to see Dr. Murphy in the Lifestyle Medicine program, please call his office at (616) 494-8387, or visit Lakeshore Health Partners for more information.




  • What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

    WZZM Interview

    What Is Lifestyle Medicine? WZZM Interview

    Dr. Tyler Murphy discusses the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine.

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Live Your Healthiest

    Physician Lecture Series

    Lifestyle Medicine: Live Your Healthiest

    Are you living your healthiest life? Ever heard of Lifestyle Medicine? Tyler Murphy, MD, shares how lifestyle changes and drug-free therapies could help you prevent, treat or reverse chronic disease. Watch and see evidence-based principals, proven strategies and motivation to help transform your life. Recorded January, 2017, in Holland, Michigan.