Women's Health

Estrogen is a powerful and pervasive hormone secreted mostly in our ovaries. Beginning in perimenopause, our estrogen levels fluctuate and decline until, several years post-menopause, we produce very little, if any, estrogen. This process is natural and sometimes disruptive. 

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You are what you eat, but what should you eat anyway?

“Diet trends are ever-changing and confusing––tempting anyone and everyone to try the next quick fix to los-ing weight or living a healthier lifestyle,” said Lynsey Hargrove, registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), Holland Hospital Healthy Life Programs.

So if you’re hoping to shed some pounds, maintain a healthy weight or simply eat better, which diet should you follow? Here’s the skinny on five popular approaches:

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An episiotomy is no longer recommended for all moms-to-be in all cases. Here’s what to know about this once-routine childbirth procedure:

What is an episiotomy?

An episiotomy is an incision made through the area between the vaginal opening and anus (perineum) during childbirth. For years, the procedure was believed to help prevent more extensive vaginal tears, as well as promote better healing overall compared to natural tearing. Current research suggests this may no longer be true.

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You may already know that 1 in 8 women will face a diagnosis of breast cancer in her lifetime. But did you know there’s one simple screening that saves lives, and that Holland Hospital offers a special fund to help those in need receive this vital test?

Established five years ago, the Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund offers assistance to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductibles by covering the cost of screening mammograms and diagnostics, including ultrasounds and biopsies.

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Having a baby is one of the most important moments of your life. Creating a birth plan before he/she arrives can give you added peace of mind and help you focus on what matters most: welcoming your baby into the world.

While it should be flexible—after all, there’s no crystal ball for having a baby—a birth plan is an outline of your specific preferences and goals for your labor and delivery. Here are some suggestions and questions to consider:

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