Lighting the Way to Cleaner Rooms and Healthier Patients

Lighting the Way to Cleaner Rooms and Healthier Patients
Preserving the health and safety of our patients is a constant priority, and that’s why we’re introducing yet another cleaning advancement to Holland Hospital’s hygiene protocol.
Technically known as Tru-D (short for total room ultraviolet disinfection), we like to call this latest advancement “wonder woman.” Here’s what makes Tru-D wondrous:

What is Tru-D?

Tru-D is a portable robot that delivers an automated, measured dose of UVC to consistently disinfect operating, intensive care, emergency and inpatient hospital rooms from a single position. The ultraviolet light kills deadly pathogens and hospital-acquired infection (HAI) culprits like C. diff, MRSA, CRE, Norovirus, influenza and many other harmful bacteria.

How exactly does ultraviolet light provide disinfection?

UVC wavelengths between 200 – 300 nanometers are capable of inactivating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Tru-D’s ultraviolet light modifies the DNA structure of a cell so it can’t reproduce. Germs that can’t reproduce can’t infect our patients, visitors or staff.

Is ultraviolet disinfection safe?

Yes. UVC energy is effective, environmentally friendly and chemical-free, providing additional safeguarding to hospital environments that can contain drug-resistant superbugs. While the light Tru-D produces is natural, you do not want to be in the room while she’s doing her job. Clear “Do Not Enter” signs and barriers are placed outside the room to alert our staff, patients and visitors that Tru-D is working.  UVC cannot penetrate glass, so viewing through a window is safe.

How does Tru-D work?

With a handheld remote, Tru-D is activated outside the room. Special sensors analyze the size, shape and contents of the room. It then calculates the amount of time needed for cleaning (usually around 20 to 30 minutes), and then bathes the room in ultraviolet light before shutting off automatically when germs have been neutralized.

“Tru-D is another tool in our tool belt—an additional layer of protection in our repeated and stringent cleaning process,” said Don Dunigan, Manager, Environmental Services. “Combined with our standardized practices and use of OxyCide, this device has the potential to have a profound impact on outcomes, because cleaner hospital surfaces mean less hospital-acquired infections.”

Tru-D debuted in Holland Hospital’s operating rooms and select inpatient isolation rooms in September 2017. To learn more about her, visit
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