Susan G. Komen® Michigan Awards $15,000 Grant to Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund

Susan G. Komen Michigan - Holland Hospital Grant

Grant Helps Provide Breast Care Services to Underinsured Along the Lakeshore

Detecting breast cancer at its earliest stage greatly increases survival rates.

The Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund helps cover the cost of mammograms, diagnostic imaging and pathology services for patients with little to no insurance.

“This fund helps remove the financial barriers that deter some women from seeking necessary and important breast care services, “ said Colleen Perdok, Holland Hospital Fund Development Coordinator. “The Breast Care Fund is made possible through generous donations and grants.”

Holland Hospital received one of seven community grants awarded by Susan G. Komen Michigan in 2019. These awards help meet the most critical needs in a community, including projects that provide breast cancer screenings, diagnostic and treatment services and support. These programs also support Susan G. Komen’s bold goal to reduce current breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026.

The $15,000 grant Holland Hospital received will continue to support the Breast Care Fund and allow women who qualify access to life-saving services, free of charge.

Since it was established in 2014, the Breast Care Fund has provided 266 screening mammograms, 151 diagnostic mammograms and it has provided 212 follow-up services. The Fund has served 326 women.

“Early detection is the best opportunity to treat breast cancer and reduce the risk of recurrence,” said Dr. Susan Ervine, Radiologist and Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services Medical Director. “It is our mission to continue to share information about the Breast Care Fund with women across West Michigan in hopes of helping save the lives of many more,” she added.


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