Phlebotomy is a Great Way to Get Started in Health Care

Phlebotomist Jobs at Holland Hospital

Did you know there is a career path in health care that does not require prior schooling or certification? At Holland Hospital, on-site training allows people to become phlebotomists – medical professionals trained to perform blood draws.

In a hospital or doctors office, phlebotomy can be one of the first things to help determine a diagnosis,” says Jessica Parker, pre-analytical test manager of phlebotomy at Holland Hospital. It's a very important part of health care.”

For people who are interested in the health care field but have no experience, phlebotomy gives them exposure to many of the elements of a hospital or medical program.

We have a great on-the-job training program at Holland Hospital that allows us to hire people without experience to learn phlebotomy,” says Parker. New phlebotomists go through a six- to eight-week training program that includes classroom work and learning how to engage with patients while experienced preceptors oversee their progress. Once outpatient training is complete, the phlebotomist moves to more focused hands-on training.

We have a great team of both seasoned and new phlebotomists,” says Parker. It's an awesome opportunity for people to work together and gain strengths and skills from each other.”

Parker says that Holland Hospital recognizes that people need flexibility in their schedule and works with employees to create a schedule that works best for everyone. Holland Hospital invests in our staff, which is critical to creating that symbiotic relationship and enriching the work environment,” she says.

Holland Hospital also offers attendance incentives for phlebotomists along with other great benefits like tuition reimbursement to help staff members continue their education and grow fulfilling careers in health care.

Our phlebotomy program is a great way to grow as an individual and develop amazing bonds with other people,” says Parker.

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