Quick Postpartum Tips from Boven Birth Center

Quick Postpartum Tips from Boven Birth Center

Giving birth is a life-changing event. Newborn babies require an incredible amount of time and attention. It can be easy for new mothers to forget the importance of taking care of themselves, too. At the Boven Birth Center, the care team knows they do not have just one patient, but two.


“Our focus is always on both mom and baby,” said Emily Fynaardt, MSN and Clinical Nurse Manager at Boven Birth Center.


After delivery, the Boven Birth Center team focuses on preparing new moms for a successful postpartum recovery.


Recovery Starts at Boven Birth Center

Fynaardt encourages new moms to lean on the Boven Birth Center nursing staff. “We are here to help and support, whether that be encouraging them through a sleepless night or offering to take the baby to our fully-staffed newborn nursery in order to give mom some rest,” she said. “While this may be a totally new experience for a new mom, we do this day in and day out.”


Moms can take advantage of their time at Boven Birth Center by focusing on bonding with their newborns, establishing good routines and cherishing the opportunity to get to know their baby.


Fynaardt also recommends parents tap into the many resources we have to offer. The center’s Parent Advocate team assesses new moms for perinatal mood disorders, such as postpartum depression, and connects families with community resources. In addition, Lactation Consultants are available in the center seven days a week, and via follow-up phone calls and visits, as needed.


Postpartum recovery looks different for every mom, depending on how both pregnancy and labor went. However, there are things every new mom can do to help speed postpartum healing, both physically and emotionally.


Quick Postpartum Tips


  • Lean on family and friends as much as you can. If people in your life are willing to drop off a meal or sit with the baby so you can take a nap, take them up on the offer.


  • Follow this tried-and-true adage: When the baby sleeps, you sleep, too.


  • Fresh air and exercise are always helpful. Take advantage of nice weather by putting the baby in the stroller and walking around the block.
  • Eat nutritious food. Nutrition is a crucial part of your recovery period in supporting your healing process. Mothers who are breastfeeding will also need to increase their calorie intake as their body is focused on milk production.


  • Focus on your mental health by journaling. Write down your birth story and the emotions you felt. Expressing the experience through words can help you process this major life event.


  • Do not do too much too quickly; let your body heal and listen to it. Your body will tell you if you are overexerting yourself.


Where Can I Learn More?

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