Boven Birth Center: Where Technology Meets Tenderness

Holland Hospital Boven Birth Center
Where Technology Meets Tenderness

We understand that delivering your baby is a unique and personal experience. From the moment you walk through our doors, Boven Birth Center empowers moms-to-be to have the birth experience they desire, surrounded by safety and comfort.

Here’s what sets Boven Birth Center apart.

Prior to Your Delivery

Our caregivers give you the support and confidence you need from the moment you arrive until your family’s return home.

Choose A Boven Provider

When it comes to choosing a provider, we provide options to meet your needs and preferences. Boven Birth Center offers the services of certified nurse midwives (CNM) at Holland Hospital Midwife Services and obstetric physicians at Ob/Gyn Associates of Holland and other providers.

Obstetrical Emergency Department

If the unexpected happens, the Boven Birth Center obstetrical emergency department is just steps away. Dedicated solely to our pregnant patients who are 20 weeks gestation and greater and offering 24/7 OB hospitalist coverage, the OB-ED provides timely and efficient emergency care for pregnant patients experiencing unexpected pregnancy complications and concerns.

During Your Delivery

Private Birthing Suites

Our private birthing suites cradle moms-to-be and their loved ones in comfort. Each suite includes all the equipment needed to experience childbirth in a home-like setting.

Other facilities include our special care nursery,  private postpartum suites, a well-baby nursery, and state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Natural Birth Options

In conjunction with midwife services, Boven Birth Center also offers a full range of birth options, including typical aspects of “natural birth” programs such as several pain management options, room and bed design, position aids for birthing positions, wireless fetal monitors, etc.

Pain Management

Pain management is according to your wishes, whether you’d prefer a natural childbirth approach or the use of pain medications and/or an epidural. As an added comfort measure, we offer mild nitrous oxide, which can help laboring mothers feel more relaxed and better cope during contractions. Water therapy via dual-head showers, and other non-medicinal options are also available.

After Your Delivery

Safe and Sound

For added peace of mind, we offer family-centered security measures that use the latest technology, including an electronic infant protection system. During your stay, we’ll keep the health and safety of you and your baby at heart.

Special Care Nursery

Nobody wants their baby to be hospitalized, but if it happens, you can rest assured knowing Boven Birth Center features a state-of-the-art Special Care Nursery (SCN). This specialized, eight-bed unit is staffed by dedicated pediatric hospitalist physicians, neonatal nurse practitioners and specialty-trained registered nurses round-the-clock.

Breastfeeding Guidance

Our board-certified lactation consultants offer education, guidance, and encouragement during your hospital stay so you and your baby can experience the many benefits of breastfeeding. After discharge, lactation support continues through our breastfeeding support group.

For Your Mental Wellness

While parenting has many rewards, it can also sometimes feel overwhelming. We can help you and your family adjust to pregnancy and life with a new baby. Our specialists are available to address and treat prenatal and postpartum depression or anxiety, relationship concerns and other behavioral health issues.

Pelvic Health Care

We have physical therapists with comprehensive training in rehabilitation techniques for treating pelvic floor disorders, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and other pelvic health issues.

The Lakeshore’s Leading Birth Center

Boven Birth Center continues to be a lakeshore leader, providing best-in-class Ob/Gyn care to all women in our community. Boven Birth Center has received the highest level of recognition for maternal care from the Michigan Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health since the program’s inception five years ago. The program includes ways to help recognize patient safety benchmarks and address bias and health equities.