Holland Hospital is committed to providing outstanding quality care for every patient, every day. Our medical staff, employees and volunteers work together to deliver high-quality care and an exceptional patient experience.

Our quality commitment includes:

  • Nationally Recognized Quality Outcomes
  • Exceptional Patient Satisfaction
  • Medical Knowledge and Expertise
  • Patient Safety and Comfort
  • Superior Health Care Value

Holland Hospital believes in providing you with up-to-date information so you can make wise health care choices. We invite you to examine our performance on key quality measures and explore suggested web links to learn more.

Measuring Quality

Quality can be evaluated in a variety of ways. Important quality measures to consider when choosing a hospital include clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction scores, medical knowledge and expertise, patient safety and overall health care value.

Nationally Recognized Quality Outcomes

At Holland Hospital, quality is our top priority. Our quality commitment has earned Holland Hospital national recognition for excellent clinical outcomes when compared to other hospitals across the country. See a list of current awards.

Exceptional Patient Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We strive to provide an exceptional patient experience each and every time. That’s why we are pleased to know that over 99% of our patients would use us again. Holland Hospital’s skilled and caring staff provides expert, personalized care to meet individual patient needs and consistently exceed expectations – reflecting our unwavering commitment to do what is best for every patient.

Medical Knowledge and Expertise

The area’s leading medical experts can be found at Holland Hospital. Our physicians, nurses and other clinical staff have specialized training, certifications and years of experience to deliver outstanding quality care. Equipped with advanced technology and health information systems, our skilled teams rigorously follow evidence-based practices that are proven to enhance care. In addition, Holland Hospital participates in collaborative statewide initiatives and national data registries to benchmark performance, identify new best practices and continuously improve quality.

Patient Safety and Comfort

Our medical staff, employees and volunteers work together to ensure that patients receive the highest-quality care in a safe and comfortable environment. Attention to safe practices and clean facilities help promote rapid recovery and minimize the risk of infection. We closely monitor the hospital environment, equipment and procedures to maintain the highest levels of patient safety and optimize healing during your hospital stay.

Superior Health Care Value

More than ever, hospitals across the nation are called upon to deliver care that is both high quality and cost-effective. That's the meaning of "value"–getting the most from every health care dollar for you and your family. It is good to know that Holland Hospital ranks near the very top–No. 6 in the nation–among more than 4,000 hospitals for health care value according to the government’s Value-Based Purchasing program, which encourages all hospitals to work toward more cost-effective health care.

Learn More

To learn more about our quality performance, including our ISO 9001 Quality Certification, visit our Awards & Recognition page.

You can also visit The US Department of Health and Human Services Hospital Compare website to examine quality ratings.