Treasured Trendsetters: Holland Hospital Announces Top Baby Names of 2023

Wed, Dec 27, 2023
Top Baby Names 2023

HOLLAND, Mich., Dec. 27, 2023 — Holland Hospital today delivers a ranking of the most popular names of the over 1,200 babies delivered at Boven Birth Center in 2023. These names are not only adorable but also reflect the unique style and highlight the trends of today's parents in West Michigan.

Without further ado, the top names that captured the hearts of parents for babies born at Boven Birth Center in 2023 are Olivia for girls and Theodore for boys. After Olivia, the two most popular girl names were Nora and Eleanor. After Theodore, the most popular boy names were Levi and Oliver.

The names exude tradition, elegance, and timeless charm, making them favorites among many families. Congratulations to all the proud parents who welcomed these beautiful bundles of joy into the world throughout the year. 

Lakeshore families aren’t alone among US families, with Olivia taking the number one spot nationwide according to a recent poll by BabyCenter. Noah takes first place for boys nationally. 

Last year, the top three girl names at Boven Birth Center were Emma, Madelynn, and Nora, while the top boys were Henry, Maverick, and Charles. 

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