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From new graduates to experienced nurses, whatever your level of experience, we invite you to join our team. Our RNs participate in patient care and education, and provide leadership by working with other patient care team members, all while maintaining standards for professional nursing practice and performance.

Key elements that define nursing at Holland Hospital include our model of care, standards of practice and shared decision making structure. Our nursing imperative guides our work – to meet the unique needs of those we serve with the highest standards of nursing excellence. Computerized record keeping, technical support staff, readily available supplies, positive nurse-physician relationships, visible and available leadership staff all contribute to a positive, efficient, effective work environment.

Dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment, Holland Hospital values its employees by offering competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, premium shift differentials and much more.

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Do you hire new grads? Do you hire RNs that don't have their BSN?

We do hire new grads in many areas, including the medsurg units. In some instances prior experience may be preferred/required (ICU/Telemetry, Boven Birth Center, Surgery etc.) We do hire RNs that don't have their BSN, but effective January, 1 2016 RNs hired without their BSN will be required to complete their BSN within five years of hire.

How many patients is one RN assigned to? Are there nurse assistants on the units?

This varies by unit and specialty. We adhere to recommended staffing ratios when they are defined by specialty organizations. Our staffing levels are at the 75th percentile in a national comparative database. Yes, there are nursing assistants on the unit.

Are 24/7 lab, radiology and pharmacy services available?


Is there an opportunity to pick up additional shifts, become full-time, move to a different shift or transfer to a different department?

You will be hired into a specific position. There may be opportunities at times to work additional shifts. You need to work for six months in the position you were hired into before you are eligible to transfer to a different department. Vacant positions within the unit you hired into are posted as they become available. Unit-based staff have first opportunity to express interest in vacant positions.

Will I have a set schedule? Do staff have to rotate shifts? How often will I work weekends? How many holidays will I need to work?

Schedule templates are created for each position, but you cannot expect your schedule to always remain the same. Adjustments as to the days you are scheduled to work may vary as staffing needs change. You may request specific days off in advance. Generally, staff do not rotate shirts. Most staff work straight shifts and work 12-hour shifts (7 am - 7:30 pm and 7 pm - 7:30 am). Most staff is scheduled to work every third weekend. The holidays needed to work will vary based on the number of hours you work in a pay period. Specifics would be discussed at the time of your interview.

Do you use agency/travel RNs?


Is there a dress code for RNs?

Yes, RNs are required to wear navy-blue scrubs.

How long does orientation last?

Orientation is individualized based on your prior experience and the rate at which you progress through orientation. You are generally expected to work full-time hours during the orientation period. If you are hired for a night shift, you do some of your orientation on the day shift, before completing orientation on the night shift.

What type of education support is available to RNs?

A nurse educator is available to facilitate your orientation and provide additional on-site educational experiences throughout the year. You will be paid if you are required to attend specific education events. There may be some financial assistance available to offset the registration costs of an outside conference. Travel expenses and days off for conference attendance are generally not paid for by the hospital.

What opportunities are available for RNs to be part of decision-making regarding nursing practice issues?

Holland Hospital has a Shared Decision-Making structure. Staff members on each unit are eligible to be part of the Unit Practice Team. These teams meet on a regular basis to discuss practice-related issues.

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