Offering Expert Gynecologic Oncology Services

In collaboration with University of Michigan Health-West, our office is pleased to welcome gynecologic oncology specialist Kevin Brader, MD, to the Women’s Specialty Care team. Dr. Brader offers skilled care and treatment for gynecologic cancers, including the latest in robotic surgery. Learn more.

Women's Specialty Care

At Holland Hospital Women’s Specialty Care, we understand women have unique health concerns that change across their lifespan. Whether you’re planning to get pregnant, need an annual mammogram or seeking relief from yet another hot flash, we’re here for you.

To meet your needs at every age and stage of life, we provide access to personalized care, specialized support and advanced technology in our new comfortable setting. Our areas of expertise include:

Your Midlife Experts

While menopause is a natural health process, its symptoms can wreak havoc on your life. The good news is, there are many effective menopause treatments and therapies available today, and you can find them close to home. Holland Hospital Women’s Specialty Care offers certified menopause care. That means they can help you take on menopause with greater comfort and confidence—so you can make your midlife a great life.

For appointments, advice and medication refills, please call us. You may also schedule appointments, send messages and request medication refills through the Patient Portal. If you do not currently have access to the Patient Portal, you may request access by calling during our office hours.

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  • Intimacy & Relationships: Barb DePree, MD

    Intimacy & Relationships: Barb DePree, MD

    Hormones, nutrition, and improving intimacy can increase the value of a relationship. This topic can be a difficult conversation to have. Dr. Barb DePree talks about the direct health benefits of intimacy in relationships and the importance of addressing concerns with your provider and partner. Learn more about Vaginal Treatment Technology or call (616) 748-5785 to schedule an appointment.  

  • Sleep and Your Health: Patricia Roehling, PhD

    Sleep and Your Health: Patricia Roehling, PhD

    Sleeping less than six hours a night can increase your risk for numerous health issues. Insomnia is common in women, but can be diagnosed and treated. Patricia Roehling, PhD shares how to create a proper sleep routine to get the best rest for your health.

  • Menopause Symptoms and Treatments

    Menopause Symptoms and Treatments

    Dr. Barb DePree, MD, Holland Hospital Women's Health discusses menopause symptoms and treatments.

  • Addyi: Help For Pre-Menopausal Women

    Addyi: Help For Pre-Menopausal Women

    Dr. Barb DePree, Holland Hospital Women's Health, talks about a new medication, Addyi, that can help pre-menopausal women who have lost their sexual desire.

  • Do Genes Matter? Women's Health Presentation

    Do Genes Matter? Women's Health Presentation

    Get the latest news on cancer genetics from women’s health expert and clinical genetics practitioner Barb DePree, MD, FACOG, NCMP. Recorded at the Holland Hospital's 13th Annual Women's Health Event on Sep 12, 2019, at the Holland Civic Center Place.

  • Pelvic Floor Health: Ellen Molenaar, DPT

    Pelvic Floor Health: Ellen Molenaar, DPT

    The pelvic floor is affected by the aging process or postpartum trauma. Physical Therapist, Ellen Molenaar, DPT discusses how to prevent bladder weakness and poor pelvic floor habits. Taking action now to address the pelvic floor issues can help your future.