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Holland Hospital understands the pressure nurses work under. Nurse Recruiter Liz Ott explains nursing is different at Holland Hospital, which is why the average tenure for nurses at Holland Hospital is 10 years or more.

Ott says, “I think one of the reasons for our nurses staying is support. Everyone can grow and be challenged to do new and different things.”

One opportunity for growth is the option to transfer to a different unit. “If someone feels burned out or their position isn’t the right fit, our nurses are encouraged to explore other options, other units.”

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What started out as a routine mammogram for Holland resident Shawn Luepke resulted in a phone call no one ever wants to get.

“I was called back that afternoon for an ultrasound,” says Shawn. Just a few days later, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.

After completing months of chemotherapy, Shawn underwent a bilateral mastectomy. Surgeons also removed her axillary lymph nodes – lymph nodes located in the underarm area – to help prevent the cancer from spreading.

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March is the perfect month to discuss the important services available at Holland Hospital's new gastroenterology office and the convenient access to specialty care, including colonoscopies.

Holland Hospital Gastroenterology provides diagnostic services and medical treatment for many different issues affecting digestive health, according to Katee Hogoboom, PA. "We see the full spectrum of GI diseases from the esophagus and stomach to the small bowel, colon or liver. We also treat Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)."

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In October 2023, George Hunter went into full cardiac arrest while at his job, and not just once, but several times.

“They told me I died six times that day,” says George.

George, 47, lives in Pullman, MI, with his wife, Mary, and works for a local beer distributor. He was unloading cases of beer at a local gas station when he suddenly slumped over, hitting his head on a nearby cooler.

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Have you ever wondered about the role a medical assistant (MA) plays in a physician’s office? Have you thought about becoming a medical assistant? It’s a fulfilling, in-demand career choice for those who enjoy people and variety in their daily work.

“It’s a career path in health care that isn’t often talked about,” says Erin LaDuke, a recruiter with Human Resources at Holland Hospital. “Many people think about nursing, but for some, medical assisting offers a fast-track to a respected career in health care.”

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Staying active is important for our overall health and well-being. And while just as important in winter, the shorter days and snowy weather make staying active a bit more challenging. Winter poses another concern when it comes to staying safe – not only during exercise but also while going about day-to-day activities: an increased risk of slips and falls.

Be aware of some common contributors to the rise of slips, trips and falls in winter weather:

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Are you interested in a career opportunity in health care but lack experience? Do you enjoy learning new skills? Are you someone who genuinely wants to care for others and be a valued part of a clinical team? If so, you could be a Patient Care Assistant at Holland Hospital!

Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) are a vital part of our collaborative care delivery team. They serve every clinical unit and assist nurses in caring for patients by performing tasks like bathing and feeding patients, taking vital signs, assisting with discharge, or simply sitting and talking with patients.

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When you think of a career in health care, you most likely think of doctors and nurses. But there is a department at the center of each hospital that plays an important role in delivering a great patient experience. From scheduling to insurance verification to announcing overhead pages, Holland Hospital cannot operate smoothly without Patient Access.

“Patient Access is often the first point of contact for any patient coming into the hospital,” says Erin Locker, supervising coordinator.

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