Laura’s Story: Quick Response Life-saving Care

Laura’s Story: Quick Response Life-saving Care

For the past 11 years, Laura Rounds, 70, and her husband have lived in Holland just a few blocks from Holland Hospital. This past April, Laura was rushed to the emergency room and, thanks to the rapid response from the medical team in the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, returned home less than 24-hours after her lifesaving procedure was performed.

In March, Laura began to experience pain in her leg but was unaware it was a warning sign. “I thought I had a pulled muscle in my thigh,” she says. “I didn't think too much of it.”

About a month later, Laura suddenly felt dizzy and short of breath. “I remember passing out, briefly coming to and gasping ‘heart attack’ and ‘I love you’ to my husband,” she says, “He called 911, and then I remember being in the ambulance.”

Holland Hospital’s Emergency Department staff quickly ran an echocardiogram and an X-ray to rule out a heart issue or pneumonia. Scott Loos, MD, board-certified emergency medicine physician, suspected a pulmonary embolism – blood clots in the arteries of the lung – and contacted interventional cardiologist Marcel Letourneau, DO.

After a CT scan confirmed Laura was experiencing a massive pulmonary embolism, she was rushed to the cardiac cath lab for a mechanical thrombectomy procedure using the FlowTriever® system, equipment that Dr. Letourneau was instrumental in recently bringing to Holland Hospital. A mechanical thrombectomy is a minimally invasive surgery where doctors manually remove the clots from the blood vessels.

Laura’s thrombectomy was successful, and after an overnight stay, she was home the following afternoon. “Had anything not worked out perfectly, I would have been gone,” says Laura. “Dr. Letourneau said he’s seen clots that size and nine out of ten times, the patient didn't make it.”

"Laura was one of the sickest patients that I have ever cared for,” says Dr. Letourneau. ”The technology available to be able to save patients that are in such dire circumstances is astounding."

Laura’s life has gradually returned to normal. “I’m walking the dog and pretty much doing anything I want to do at this point,” she says. She continues to see Dr. Letourneau for follow-up care and testing.

"Success stories like Laura's are very fulfilling and give our team pride in offering advanced lifesaving endovascular treatments," says Dr. Letourneau.

“From my husband being home, to being so close to the hospital, to the ER doctor figuring out the issue so quickly – God ordered everything in such perfect timing,” says Laura.

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