Save the Ta-Ta’s Fishing Tournament Raises $20,000 for Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund

Fri, Oct 14, 2022
Save the Ta-Ta’s Fishing Tournament Raises $20,000 for Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund

Fund provides breast care services for women at little to no cost

Cost and health insurance concerns continue to be barriers for women needing screening mammograms. In fact, a study found uninsured women were nearly 2.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with a later, more complex, stage of breast cancer, compared to women with health insurance.

Now, Holland Hospital and the Save the Ta-Ta’s Fishing Tournament participants and sponsors are working together to ensure women along the lakeshore have access to lifesaving breast care services despite their financial situation.

“This tournament is especially important to us because we all know someone that has been affected by breast cancer, and know there are several people who cannot afford the tests and/or services needed,” said Traci Sylte, secretary of the Big Red Classic Foundation. “We believe in supporting our community and this is one way we can do that,” she added.

Save the Ta-Tas is the women’s division of the Big Red Classic Sport Fishing Tournament (BRC). The BRC is a non-profit organization that raises proceeds for the Boys and Girls Club of Western Michigan and The Outdoor Discovery Center.

Like its counterpart, Save the Ta-Ta’s raises funds for charitable work, with the goal of spreading awareness and sharing hope to support those facing breast cancer. This year’s tournament raised $20,000 for Holland Hospital’s Breast Care Fund, which is one of the largest donations the fund has received since its start in 2015.

The Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund serves 120 women per year, on average. Throughout its lifetime, the fund has provided women with 591 screening mammograms, 271 diagnostic mammograms and 446 follow-up services.

“Detecting breast cancer at its earliest stage greatly increases survival rates,” said Dr. Susan Ervine, a radiologist with Holland Hospital. “This generous donation will help to provide lifesaving breast care to many women in our community.”

Since its beginning in 2008, Save the Ta-Ta’s has raised $65,000 for organizations who support breast cancer research and services.

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