Urology Services: Regain Your Health and Confidence

If you’re coping with a health condition related to your bladder, kidneys, urinary tract or prostate, or are experiencing sexual dysfunction, you shouldn’t suffer in silence due to embarrassment. Urological conditions like these are common, treatable and the best news of all—we deliver the care you need, right here at Holland Hospital.

From urinary tract infections and incontinence to erectile dysfunction and cancer, our experts can help. We provide comprehensive treatment for a wide range of urological conditions affecting men, women and children. Plus, we’ll always listen to your concerns and do everything possible to make you more comfortable, so you can stay focused on feeling better and regaining your confidence.

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Care Designed Around You

Nonsurgical solutions and the latest minimally invasive procedures are both available close to your home at Holland Hospital. By partnering with the experts at Western Michigan Urological Associates, our team offers advanced care for routine urological needs, as well as more complex problems related to birth defects, trauma and many other conditions—from pelvic pain to sexual discomfort. Physical therapists also provide specialized, nonsurgical pelvic-floor therapies for addressing common bladder control problems.

Together, Holland Hospital and Western Michigan Urological Associates are committed to delivering the highest-quality treatments in a space that’s comfortable, safe and centered around you.

Advanced Urological Treatment

Holland Hospital gives you access to noninvasive treatments, as well as some of the most advanced urological surgery options, including robot-assisted surgery. With our physician group partner Western Michigan Urological Associates, we also became the first in the region to offer UroNav Fusion Biopsy, a new and innovative technology that enables more accurate detection of prostate cancer.

Some of our urological diagnostic tools and treatments include:

  • Enlarged prostate treatment (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH)
  • da Vinci® robotic-assisted prostatectomy
  • UroNav for early detection and surveillance of prostate cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Incontinence treatment
  • Kidney stone management and treatments (lithotripsy)
  • Care for kidney and bladder infections, diseases and cancers
  • Female urological pain
  • No-scalpel vasectomy
  • Cryoablation (controlled freezing of tumors to destroy cancer cells)

The Latest in Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones

According to the National Kidney Foundation, each year more than half a million Americans go to the ER seeking treatment for kidney stones. To combat this growing problem, Holland Hospital became the first hospital along the lakeshore to offer the Olympus Soltive™ SuperPulsed Laser System. This state-of-the-art technology enables our physicians to deliver quicker and more efficient kidney stone removal. That can mean faster treatment times, fewer procedures and less discomfort for you, the patient.

The first major innovation in laser technology for kidney stones in two decades, Soltive is now available right here, close to home.



  • Screenings and Supplements: Toby Lees, MD

    Screenings and Supplements: Toby Lees, MD

    Prostate cancer can be treated when detected early. Prostate screenings are essential to detection and maintaining a healthy prostate. Toby Lees, MD shares how to decrease chances of prostate cancer and take proper measures to stay healthy.

  • Testosterone Deficiencies: John Ludlow, MD

    Testosterone Deficiencies: John Ludlow, MD

    Sexual dysfunction typically is caused by testosterone deficiencies, which can be identifiable and treatable with proper diagnosis. Dr. John Ludlow explains how to increase testosterone with simple treatments. Watch to learn how to treat and increase testosterone levels.

  • Urologist David Kozminski, MD, Discusses Urinary Symptoms

    Urologist David Kozminski, MD, Discusses Urinary Symptoms

    You don’t have to just live with urinary problems. These issues are common in both women and men, particularly with aging. The good news is, David Kozminski, MD , board-certified urologist, offers access to advanced treatments and support close to home. If you’re experiencing urinary symptoms from benign prostatic enlargement or another condition,  the experts at Western Michigan Urological Associates can help. Call (616) 392-1816 for an appointment today.

  • Urologist David Kozminski, MD, Provides Overview of Bladder Cancer

    Urologist David Kozminski, MD, Provides Overview of Bladder Cancer

    While bladder cancer is found in women, it’s more common in men. Urologist David Kozminski, MD , reveals the leading risk factor and warning sign of this type of urinary cancer, and discusses how early evaluation can make a difference on health and quality of life. Western Michigan Urological Associates is dedicated to providing comfortable, comprehensive care for bladder cancer. If you have symptoms or history with this disease, call (616) 392-1816.