School Nurse Program: Ensuring the Health of Future Generations

Better health means better learning—and a healthier outlook for our children and community. For decades, Holland Hospital’s school nurses and health aides have dedicated their time, skill and passion to helping ensure the health and wellness of future generations.

What began 19 years ago as a single nurse serving two Holland Public Schools has grown to include schools in the districts of Holland Public, West Ottawa, Hamilton, Holland Christian and Fennville. Today, our nurses and health aides treat illnesses, help manage chronic diseases and promote good health for more than 11,000 kids across the lakeshore area.

Holland Hospital’s School Nurse Program supports student learning by:

  • Maintaining health care plans for those with chronic diseases like asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures
  • Delivering health education in classroom, group or individual sessions
  • Offering illness/injury assessment and interventions
  • Participating in individualized education plan development
  • Managing health-related policies and forms
  • Training and supervising staff for first aid and medication administration
  • Providing referrals for medical, dental, vision and community agencies

Learn more about Holland Hospital’s School Nurse Program from nurses, teachers and students.

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Gloria Avila, Health Aid

Jane Borr, BSN, RN, NCSN

Maple Early Childhood Center

Hendrina Cupery, MSN, RN, NCSN
Holland High School
Holland Christian Schools
Van Raalte Tech

Mary Dornbos, RN
Fennville Public Schools

Lisa Gort, BSN, RN, NCSN
Holland Heights K-7
East K-7

Amy VerBeek, BSN, RN
Woodside Elementary
Pine Creek Elementary

Jennifer Yoder, BSN, RN
West K-7/Jefferson K-12

Important Information for Parents

  • Special Health Concerns: If your child has severe allergies, asthma, seizures, diabetes or another chronic health condition, it is vital we know about these issues. Please be sure to inform your school’s health office.
  • Change of Clothing: Parents of kindergarten and first-grade students: please consider putting a change of clothing in a zip-lock bag in your child’s backpack as an extra precaution. This will save you a trip to the school, and get your student back in class and feeling comfortable in no time. Contact your school’s health office with any questions.
  • Hearing and Vision Screening: Each year, a hearing test is provided by both Ottawa and Allegan County Health Departments for students in kindergarten, as well as second and fourth grades. A vision test is also provided for students in first, third, fifth and seventh grades. If your child doesn’t pass these tests, we will send you a referral form that encourages further assessment by an optometrist or audiologist. If you need financial assistance or guidance finding an eye doctor or hearing specialist, please call your school’s health office. Remember, we’re always here to help!
  • Medications: If it is necessary for a student to take a prescription and/or nonprescription medication during the school day, the following guidelines must be followed:

    • Medication must be brought by an adult in the original container labeled by the pharmacy
    • A signed permission form for each medication must be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and physician allowing school personnel to administer
    • It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to bring the medication(s) to school
  • Head Lice: Head lice is a common community problem. Every year, about 6 to 12 million children between 3 and 12 years of age are infested with head lice (approximately 1 child in every 100 U.S. elementary school children). While lice is not dangerous and does not increase risk of disease, it does spread easily, especially among children. Understanding how to prevent and treat lice is important. Please check your child’s school policy regarding lice.
  • Immunizations: Immunization not only protects individual children, but also helps safeguard the health and wellness of our community. Michigan schools require up-to-date immunization records or a signed waiver before enrollment. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to learn more about the benefits of childhood immunization.




  • School Nurses Program

    School Nurses Program

    The Holland Hospital School Nurse Program started in 1998 and has grown to provide onsite direct medical support, prevention, chronic disease management and referrals for more than 1,200 students in 26 schools within five districts.