Letter to the Community

Letter to the Community

Dear Holland Community,

Holland Hospital is honored to have ensured the health of our community for over a century. Every day, we meet people where they are; joining them on a journey to health, on a path from illness to recovery, and holding hands in comfort when the circle of life closes.  We know this same spirit of caring for others is what defines our community.

The pandemic has absorbed much of our energy, time and resources over the last 19 months. People ask us, “How are things going at Holland Hospital?” The answer is we are feeling that strain now more than ever.

Our community is experiencing a period of increased serious illness taking a toll on Holland Hospital’s team and resources, and the challenges we face impact the entire community.

  • Hospitals are at capacity with the surge in COVID patients in addition to many other seriously ill patients.
  • The number of very sick people coming through our doors, as a result of COVID and other serious conditions, is climbing. As a result, ER wait times here and across Michigan are spiraling.
  • People have delayed care and are now seeking treatment when their illness has progressed to an advanced stage.
  • Like hospitals nationwide, Holland Hospital is struggling to hire staff in all departments at a time when demand for services is at an all-time high.
  • More than ever, our staff are being exposed to incivility and violence from some of the same patients and visitors we work hard to serve.
  • Mental health and peoples’ ability to cope are being stretched to the limit.

Just as we are here when you need us, we ask you to help us now.

  • Talk with your doctor to learn how to prevent COVID exposure and other illnesses. Consider getting vaccinated.
  • Pay attention to your body. If something isn’t right, call your doctor’s office.
  • Seeing your doctor at the first sign of symptoms or concerns can avoid emergency room visits and keep needed beds open.

Our region was built on a legacy of our strength and determination. Supporting one another in crisis is what we do. Please do what you can to help. 

To our extraordinary providers and all our staff, we thank you for your dedication to our community. By choosing health care as your profession, you have dedicated your talent and compassion to make a difference in the lives of others.  We are so glad you are part of the Holland Hospital team!


Holland Hospital Board of Directors


About Holland Hospital

Holland Hospital, located in Holland, MI, is a nationally recognized leader in quality and value, with advanced technology and extraordinary patient satisfaction. The hospital offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient services, multiple convenient locations and ready access to primary care physicians and experienced specialists. Holland Hospital is among the region's lowest cost providers—delivering exceptional value and outstanding patient experience. Holland Hospital is among 14% of hospitals in the nation to earn the top CMS 5-Star rating and one of the few to consistently achieve the 5-Star rating since it was introduced in 2008. Holland Hospital’s workplace culture of excellence is recognized as a Best & Brightest Places to Work. For over a century, the hospital’s mission has been to continually improve the health of the communities we serve in the spirit of hope, compassion, respect and dignity. Back

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