Early Detection Saves Lives

Advanced technologies for earlier diagnosis. Dr. Susan Ervine explains 3D mammography and the range of breast services available locally. Mammograms save lives. Schedule yours today. Call (616) 355-3865.

Know Your Risk

Know your risk for breast cancer and take control. If you are at risk, call our High Risk Breast Clinic to learn more. Alecia explains how she helps patients navigate the journey after diagnosis. (616) 355-3815.

Local Care & Treatment

You don't have to travel to find expert care. It’s all right here in Holland—from surgical treatments and coordination with local radiation and oncology services to the restorative work of specialized rehab. Find a breast surgeon or learn more about breast cancer rehabilitation.

Patient Stories

It takes a village to win a battle. Holland Hospital Breast Care is your breast defense. Hear from some of our survivors as they share their stories.

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  • Your Breast Defense

    Your Breast Defense

    Your Breast Defense

    Women have competing priorities, but they still need to make time for their own health. Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services makes this easier by bringing expert care and advanced technology close to home. Learn more about Holland Hospital's comprehensive breast services .