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Cartilage wear and knee pain can limit a patient’s day-to-day function. Orthopedic Surgeon Derick Johnson, DO, and his team personalize treatment plans for each patient – from anti-inflammatory medicines to surgical techniques using Mako™ Robotic Total Knee replacement – for a quicker recovery and return to active living.    

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Dr. John Swartz, an orthopaedic hip and knee specialist at Shoreline Orthopaedics discusses arthritis of the knee and possible treatment options for the disease.

Derick Johnson, MD, Bone & Joint Center talks about the advances in treatment for hip and knee care and replacement.

Derick Johnson, DO, The Bone & Joint Center discusses current treatment options for osteoarthritis.

Derick Johnson, DO, The Bone & Joint Center in Holland, Michigan discusses minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement surgery.

Adam Stillo, Physician Assistant, The Bone and Joint Center talks about knee osteoarthritis treatments and knee replacement options.

Dr. Derick Johnson, The Bone & Joint Center discusses options for treatment for people with osteoarthritis.

Dr. Derick Johnson, of the Bone & Joint Center in Holland, performed the area's first bilateral total hip replacement. Here, he and patient Steven Schaner talk before and after surgery.