Why Nurses Thrive at Holland Hospital

Holland Hospital Registered Nurses

Holland Hospital understands the pressure nurses work under. Nurse Recruiter Liz Ott explains nursing is different at Holland Hospital, which is why the average tenure for nurses at Holland Hospital is 10 years or more.

Ott says, “I think one of the reasons for our nurses staying is support. Everyone can grow and be challenged to do new and different things.”

One opportunity for growth is the option to transfer to a different unit. “If someone feels burned out or their position isn’t the right fit, our nurses are encouraged to explore other options, other units.”

Patient safety is a significant issue when staffing nurses. Holland Hospital has one of the lowest patient-to-nurse ratios in the area, ensuring that patients get the care they need and that nurses are not overwhelmed.

“Everyone has a voice; we’re not just a number,” say Ott. “And flexible scheduling options and Holland Hospital’s generous PTO (paid time off) package that begins to accrue on the first day of employment prioritizes work-life balance.”

Nurses and other staff working nights (7 PM to 7 AM) and those working offsite can often feel ignored or out of touch with the rest of the organization. “We created our HR After Dark and HR on the Road programs. HR representatives visit with staff at our offsite locations or after normal business hours. We answer any questions staff may have. And it’s fun, too. We show up with snacks and hospital swag, play trivia games, and hand out prizes.”

Holland Hospital does what it takes to retain nurses. “If a nurse tells us they want to advance in their career or move to a different department, we will work with them to help them achieve their goal. This can include additional training or specific certification.”

Ott concludes, “The tenure of our nursing staff is a testament to our culture and how we value our nurses.”

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