Patient Care Assistants: An Essential Part of Clinical Teams

Holland Hospital Patient Care Assistants

Are you interested in a career opportunity in health care but lack experience? Do you enjoy learning new skills? Are you someone who genuinely wants to care for others and be a valued part of a clinical team? If so, you could be a Patient Care Assistant at Holland Hospital!

Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) are a vital part of our collaborative care delivery team. They serve every clinical unit and assist nurses in caring for patients by performing tasks like bathing and feeding patients, taking vital signs, assisting with discharge, or simply sitting and talking with patients.

“PCAs support our nurses and make sure patients have the care and comfort they need,” says Liz Sutton, BSN, RN, clinical manager at Holland Hospital.

In addition to performing hygiene and medical tasks, PCAs play an indispensable role in enhancing the patient experience. “PCAs spend time building connections while they care for patients,” explains Sutton. “They are an essential part of our team.”

Becoming a PCA at Holland Hospital is a great opportunity for people as a long-term career choice or for nursing students and others who want experience in a hospital setting before moving on to other health care careers.

Sutton herself began as a PCA at Holland Hospital. “Being a PCA before becoming a nurse helped me to appreciate the role and understand how important they are to the team,” she says.

New PCAs at Holland Hospital receive one-on-one training with a preceptor. They complete 4-7 weeks of training, depending on the assigned unit. “All training is on the job,” says Sutton. “And many don’t realize that all you need is a high school diploma or GED to apply.”

After a year, PCAs can join the Step Program and expand their role. “The Step Program gives our experienced PCAs the opportunity to become preceptors and help train others,” explains Sutton. “It’s a way to take on more responsibility, grow and receive greater compensation.”

Holland Hospital also offers tuition reimbursement for those wanting to further their education as well as flexible scheduling that can work around class schedules or family obligations.

“Because we are a smaller hospital, employees don't get lost in the shuffle,” explains Sutton, “It may sound cliche, but it feels like a family.”

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