Medical Assistant: A Rewarding Career Path

Medical Assistant Career at Holland Hospital

Have you ever wondered about the role a medical assistant (MA) plays in a physician’s office? Have you thought about becoming a medical assistant? It’s a fulfilling, in-demand career choice for those who enjoy people and variety in their daily work.

“It’s a career path in health care that isn’t often talked about,” says Erin LaDuke, a recruiter with Human Resources at Holland Hospital. “Many people think about nursing, but for some, medical assisting offers a fast-track to a respected career in health care.”

Medical assistants play an indispensable role in the physician office setting. They perform administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, completing insurance forms, and maintaining medical records, along with clinical tasks like taking a patient’s vital signs, reviewing the medical history and documenting information in the medical record. Often, a medical assistant (MA) acts as a kind of liaison by explaining doctor instructions and walking a patient through next steps like lab work or new medications.

“Medical assistants keep things on track and allow the provider to do what he or she does best,” says Erin LaDuke. “They are a highly valued part of the clinical team and help ensure patients have a good experience during their visit.”

At Holland Hospital, MAs work in a variety of specialty care offices like Endocrinology, Neurology or Sleep Medicine, or in a primary care office like Family Medicine or Walk-In Care. “Some MAs want to see the same type of patient each day,” explains LaDuke. “Others love the variety of not knowing what may come through the door.”

There are many reasons to love being a medical assistant, including flexible schedules and the opportunity to work with supportive doctors and staff. “The culture at Holland Hospital is unrivaled,” says LaDuke. “It sets us apart from other organizations.”

Becoming a medical assistant requires certification. People can become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) or a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) through two-year certification programs at local colleges like Grand Rapids Community College and Davenport University. In fact, Holland Hospital has recently partnered with Davenport University for a 15-week (1 semester), self-paced CCMA program.

Holland Hospital’s partnership with Davenport University has also created an Education Scholarship Program, which offers up to $8,000 toward tuition for undergraduate and graduate degree programs and a 20% discount on professional development workshops, certificate programs and other non-credit training opportunities.

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