Home Health Services: a Unique and Fulfilling Career

Holland Hospital Home Health Services for Ottawa and Allegan counties

Do you thrive in a career environment outside a traditional office, where every day is different? Do you enjoy a more flexible environment that allows you more control over your daily schedule? Are you fulfilled by work that helps people when they are at their most vulnerable? If so, consider a career with Holland Hospital Home Health Services.

Holland Hospital Home Health Services provides skilled care to homebound patients in Ottawa and Allegan counties. The team meets a wide variety of patient needs, from physical, occupational and speech therapy to skilled nursing to medical social work and certified aide services, working with people who are unable to manage their health conditions on their own.

“After a hospitalization, ER visit or a stay at a rehab facility, people may be safe enough to go home, but they're not safe enough to emerge into the community,’ explains Jorgeann Koenig, DPT, manager of Home Health Services. “We act as a bridge to bring skilled nursing and certified aide care to them.”

Our certified home health aides provide personal care and other clinical support services. “Our goal is to help people become independent or get them to a place where their loved ones can manage their care,” says Koenig.

Staff have the flexibility to start their day from home or from the office – whichever best fits their schedule and proximity. Their day begins by reviewing the patients they will see that day and checking communication notes and charts.

“Our staff get to drive throughout Ottawa and Allegan counties quite a bit, which throughout the seasons is a wonderful perk of the job,” says Koenig. “This is a great job for people who don't like to do the same thing every day,” says Koenig.

The Home Health Services team is flexible and quick to adapt to changing circumstances. “Each home and patient is so different,” says Koenig. “We are constantly adjusting schedules and figuring out how to meet our patient’s needs.”

New staff go through three stages of orientation, which lasts approximately 12 weeks. The first stage involves following a preceptor for hands-on learning. During the second stage, the preceptor and the orientee share a caseload and meet at the beginning of the day and then again at the end of the day for review and feedback. The third stage involves the start-of-care training. “When each case begins, a case manager must conduct a comprehensiveassessment, which can take some time to learn,” says Koenig. “Our thorough orientation process helps ensure that all of our team members are set up to succeed in their roles.”

Holland Hospital’s Home Health Services has received national accreditation through the Community Health Accreditation Program, a testament to our continued commitment to excellence in home health care delivery. “It's unique for a home health agency to be attached to a hospital system,” explains Koenig. “This enables us to best impact our part of the continuum of care by coordinating with our peers, which leads to outstanding outcomes.”

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