Wound & Ostomy Care Program

Holland Hospital's Wound & Ostomy Care Program offers outpatient expert advice, care and support for acute and chronic wounds and new or established ostomies.

Having a wound that won't heal is a major health concern. People with wounds can have issues with mobility, normal day to day activities and have emotional stress. Our program sees patients through a physician referral with chronic non-healing wounds often caused by circulation problems, diabetes, or other causes.

Our multi-disciplinary team works in collaboration with your physician to provide comprehensive treatment for all non-healing wounds, such as pressure ulcers, burns and post-surgical and vascular wounds. We also provide ostomy education as needed.

We provide:

  • Wound evaluation and dressing
  • Education for self-care and prevention
  • Home care
  • Help with ostomy application
  • Stoma and ostomy care

Services & Treatments

Holland Hospital Wound & Ostomy Care program treats individuals with wounds caused by medical treatments, disease or injuries, as well as ostomy care.

Holland Hospital offers hospital-based and home-based services with a physician referral for the evaluation, treatment and management of acute and chronic wounds and ostomies.

Wound Care

Studies document that wounds heal faster when a wound care nurse is involved in patient care. Wound care services include:

  • Assessing and determining of the cause of the wound and identifying appropriate treatment options
  • Coordinating care by working closely with physicians to ensure appropriate care is provided
  • Introducing techniques to prevent bedsores and other wounds from developing
  • Educating families, patients and nursing staff about ways to optimize wound healing

Ostomy Care

Patients who undergo ostomy surgery, whether temporary or permanent, require intensive, physical and emotional care, as well as continued support to return to their normal lives. Ostomy services we provide include:

  • Evaluating and recommending systems that provide containment
  • Developing individual rehabilitation plans and needs
  • Offering patients and families education and care
  • Consulting with patients on a range of issues important to them
  • Pre-surgical patient education
  • Stoma marking to provide guidance to the surgeon for placement of the stoma

Your Care

If a wound hasn't healed after four weeks of standard medical care, it may require special attention and your physician may refer you to the Wound & Ostomy Care Program.

The healing process is different for each patient and depends on the type and severity of a wound. On your first visit, a certified wound, ostomy and continence nurse will assess your wound and create a personalized plan of care. Your care will also include instruction on how to properly change a dressing at home in order to decrease the number of trips required to the Wound & Ostomy Care Program.

Types of chronic and acute wounds we care for include:

  • Neuropathic/Diabetic ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Venous disease, causing swollen legs and non-healing wounds
  • Wounds of the legs and feet
  • Abdominal wounds
  • Chronic, non-healing wounds
  • Wounds of mixed causes
  • Trauma wounds
  • Pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Burns

Your Team

We use a team approach to manage each patient's treatment regimen and healing progress - providing expert treatment and education needed to prevent infection and help wounds.

The team works with the person's regular doctor to address associated medical problems that may keep the wound from healing. They also work closely with surgeons if needed. Each person is evaluated and a treatment plan is developed for the type of wound and the person's needs.

Helping you manage and heal wounds, the team includes:

  • Wound Care Nurses: Certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse (CWOCN) and RNs with specialized wound care training and experience
  • Wound and Vascular Surgeons and Physicians: a general surgeon, peripheral vascular cardiologist and podiatrist are available for consultation as needed
  • Social Workers and Care Management specialists
  • Home Health Care: home-bound patients receive services through Holland Hospital Home Health Services