Women’s Health Services: Less Hassle, More TLC

With work, family responsibilities and everything in between, women are plenty busy. Because they’re so busy taking care of everybody else, they might also put their own health on the back burner.

You probably wear several different hats: teacher, advisor, boardroom warrior, chauffeur, personal chef, caregiver—and that’s just in a single day. But who takes care of you?

Holland Hospital and Lakeshore Health Partners are proud to say, “We do!” We make your health our top priority, whether you’re planning to get pregnant or need an annual mammogram. Plus, we do everything possible to make scheduling and accessing your care hassle-free.

From obstetrics and gynecology to comprehensive breast services to midlife and menopause support, Holland Hospital’s Women’s Health Services are wide-ranging and designed around one VIP: you.

Empowering Women of All Ages

Our women’s health approach empowers you at every age and stage of your life—reproductive years to midlife and beyond.

From routine physicals and preventive education to relieving the symptoms of menopause to delivering the latest diagnostic breast screenings, Holland Hospital’s Women’s Health doctors and experienced providers will tailor a care plan based on your specific needs. And at every appointment, we’ll make it our mission to answer all your questions and arm you with the knowledge to live a healthier, longer life.

The Right Team Behind You

A woman’s health care needs are different from a man’s. Our primary and specialty care doctors, nurse practitioners, nurse educators and other providers understand and value your uniqueness as a woman. They offer both expertise and continued enthusiasm for furthering the advancement of women’s health care.

Our women’s health team is equipped with the skill and compassion to address your wellness today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead. Additional specialists available at Holland Hospital include:

  • Nurse navigator: (a guide and personal adviser for patients with breast cancer)
  • Psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers
  • Pelvic rehabilitation therapists (specialists who can optimize strength and function of the pelvic-floor muscles)
  • Labor & delivery nurses

Treatment: Complete and Close to Home

Holland Hospital provides complete care for women. Close to home, you can access:

  • Comprehensive Breast Services: from personalized education to sophisticated technologies and therapies to compassionate caregivers, Holland Hospital is your local destination for comprehensive breast health services.
  • Birthing Services: More families choose Holland Hospital’s Boven Birth Center over any other hospital along the lakeshore.
  • Bone Health: Our team provides the screenings and treatments needed, including medication and exercises, to help your bones stay strong and healthy.
  • Midlife and Menopause Support: Holland Hospital’s certified menopause practitioners are here to help make your transition into midlife healthy and as effortless as possible.
  • Cardiovascular Care: A woman’s heart beats a little differently. We can help you understand your unique heart disease risk factors, and take good care of your one and only heart. Holland Hospital also offers access to nationally recognized cardiovascular interventions and treatment, if needed.
  • Bladder and Pelvic Health Services: Our urologists and specially trained physical therapists work in tandem to treat bladder problems, incontinence, pelvic pain, low-back pain, postpartum issues, bowel dysfunction and more.
  • Behavioral Health Services: From pregnancy and postpartum issues to menopausal changes to the pressures of balancing home and career, women face a lot of ups and downs in their lifetime. Our behavioral health specialists have advanced training and expertise in treating women.
  • Gynecological Care: With the gynecologic experts at Ob/Gyn Associates of Holland and the advanced technology treatment options at Holland Hospital patients of all stages of life receive customized care.