Stroke Education for Kids

Children can play a vital role when a stroke occurs by recognizing the signs of a stroke and calling 911 immediately. Studies show that simple, age-appropriate education can significantly raise stroke awareness in children and encourage fast action. Holland Hospital joins with leading stroke educators in encouraging everyone, including children, to learn and practice BE FAST for stroke recognition.

BE FAST and call 911

Holland Hospital Stroke Center is committed to increasing stroke awareness among all ages throughout the communities we serve. With that goal, we offer onsite educational presentations, as well as resource materials for use by teachers, group leaders and parents.

Stroke Presentations

Our community health educators are available to provide in-person stroke education, designed specifically to engage younger audiences with visual (see), auditory (hear) and kinesthetic (do) teaching methods. To learn more about hosting a brief presentation on stroke for your class or youth group, please call Holland Hospital's Healthy Life Programs at (616) 394-3344.

Working Together

If you plan to provide stroke education for children, we would be happy to answer your questions or assist you to help make it a success. After your program, let us know how it went and what ideas or additional resources you’d like to share with other educators.

Thank you for working with us to make stroke education for children a priority!