Mazor Spine Surgery

Mazor X™ Stealth Robotic Guided Spine Surgery

Holland Hospital now offers the latest in precision spine surgery for our patients.

The Mazor X™ Stealth is state-of-the art technology for minimally invasive spine fusion surgery with advanced imaging and guidance capabilities that help deliver superior outcomes and often can be done as outpatient procedures.

  • Specially trained neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons use the Mazor X pre-operative imaging to develop a customized 3D surgical plan that is specific to each patient’s needs.
  • During surgery, the Mazor X guidance system is used by the surgeon to execute the custom surgical plan with exceptional precision through micro incisions.
  • Like other robotic assisted technologies, Mazor X enhances the surgeon’s human skills to deliver superior precision – all while the surgeon retains full control of the procedure.
  • Patient benefits include unparalleled accuracy, less pain and faster recovery in most cases when compared to traditional surgery.

Our expert surgeons will work with you and primary care provider to determine whether Mazor X spine fusion surgery is best for you. For those who are experiencing chronic back pain, Holland Hospital Physical Therapy & Rehab Services has developed a non-operate treatment and management pathway to help evaluate and guide treatment plans. Find out more about our Non-Operative Back Program and let us help you take back your life.