School Nurse Program: A Smart Approach to Wellness

Better health means better learning—and a healthier outlook for our children and community. Today, Holland Hospital’s School Nurse Program provides onsite direct medical support, prevention, chronic disease management and referrals for more than 12,000 students in 28 schools within the districts of Holland Public, West Ottawa, Hamilton, Holland Christian, Fennville and Zeeland Christian.

Every day, our school nurses make a difference in the lives of students by:

  • Maintaining health care plans for those with asthma, allergies, diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Delivering health education in classroom, group or individual sessions
  • Offering illness/injury assessment and interventions
  • Managing health-related policies and forms
  • Training and supervising staff for first aid, medication administration, and potential medical emergencies
  • Making referrals to medical, dental, vision and community agencies
  • Providing access to a Community Health Worker, who can assist with navigating the health care system, setting up appointments and linking to community resources