If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, stress or anxiety, Behavioral Health Services can help.

Depression affects millions of Americans of all ages. Many of those suffering from depression are not aware that treatment is available to improve their quality of life. People with depression often experience feelings of irritability, hopelessness and thoughts about death or suicide. Fortunately, depression can be effectively treated with professional therapy and in some cases medication as well. Treatment for major depression may include outpatient behavioral health care with a professional therapist to determine the causes of depression and treatment options. In some cases, an antidepressant medication may be needed as well. If depression is severe, inpatient care may be required.

Free Walk-in Screenings

Our free walk-in depression screenings give people the opportunity to take a questionnaire to assess their risk for mood and anxiety disorders and obtain information about treatment.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) usually begin in late fall and subside in the spring, when daylight hours increase. January and February seem to be the most difficult for SAD sufferers. In addition, therapy for SAD may involve giving people more of what their bodies need: sunlight. Because few of us have the luxury of escaping to a sunny locale when SAD strikes, artificial light sources may help. Phototherapy or bright light therapy uses a special light box that may help symptoms subside. In some cases, an antidepressant may also be used as part of SAD treatment.
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Free Walk-in Screening

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James Dummeroff, MD, Holland Hospital Behavioral Health discusses depression symptoms and treatment.
James Dumerauf, MD, Holland Hospital Behavioral Health talks about symptoms and treatments for the disease of depression.