Sports Medicine Services: Active in Keeping You Active

On the field, in the workplace or anywhere in between, Holland Hospital Sports Medicine delivers the expertise and support that athletes, weekend warriors and elite competitors need to stay healthy and active. Combining the expertise of fellowship-trained physicians, orthopedic experts, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists, Holland Hospital has assembled a comprehensive sports medicine team to keep you in the game.

From sport-specific training to conditioning to injury prevention, we’ll ensure you’re ready to play. And if you’re facing an injury, we’ll do everything possible to get you off the sidelines and back into the activity you love.

See what hometown standout and pro quarterback, Kirk Cousins, has to say about Holland Hospital Sports Medicine.

Your Home Team Advantage

Sports injuries are common, but at Holland Hospital we recognize no two athletes are the same. Our Sports Medicine professionals understand the value of teamwork; we’ll listen and work together to design a personalized treatment plan that works best for you (and only you). Whether you’ve experienced a concussion, or have a knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle or other sports-related injury, we’ll make sure you see an expert who specializes in your condition.

Best of all, they work close to where you play, work and live.

Your Treatment

It’s estimated that more than 10 million sports-related injuries happen every year. If you live an active lifestyle, chances are you’ll experience one of these injuries in your lifetime. When an injury occurs, you’ll find the right treatment options, right here at Holland Hospital.

Sports injuries are most often due to either trauma or overuse of muscles and joints. The good news is many of these injuries can be prevented. By executing proper training and conditioning, utilizing appropriate equipment and wearing protective gear, you can reduce the likelihood of injury. Our sports medicine specialists can help prevent, as well as diagnose and treat all common sports injuries, enabling patients to regain pre-injury levels of activity.

We’re adept at handling the full range of sports medicine issues and concerns, including screening for cardiac abnormalities, female athlete triad, exercise-induced asthma, diabetes in sports, and many other conditions.

Injury Prevention

Prevention is powerful medicine. It also happens to be the best treatment for sports injuries. That’s why our sports medicine team actively works in the community with athletes of all ages to educate and reinforce good sports preparation, safe play, and post-activity care. You’ll find our doctors and athletic trainers sharing their expertise at many popular local events, such as the Kirk Cousins Football Camp, Holland Hospital’s Physician Lecture Series and Park2Park 1/2 Marathon & 5K, and every day on the courts, fields and weight rooms of numerous area high schools.

Athletic Training

You can count on Holland Hospital’s certified athletic trainers before, during and after competition. As valued members of our sports medicine team, our athletic trainers maintain ongoing communication with physicians, as well as Holland Hospital’s Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Room to ensure injured student athletes receive care that’s seamless and fast. Our athletic training services are working hard in area high schools providing student-athletes with continued oversight, and injury education and prevention for player health and safety, evaluation and immediate care to stabilize sports injuries, physical therapy for recovery and return to sport, and more.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Holland Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services is dedicated to helping you get back in action—fast. Whether you have a sports-related injury, are recovering from surgery or have a chronic condition, our team delivers the diagnostic and rehabilitation solutions needed to return you to top form.