Holland Hospital Activates Free COVID-19 Screening Hotline

COVID-19 Screenings - Holland Hospital

NOTE: The COVID-19 screening hotline closes on Jan 1, 2021.

In our ongoing efforts to protect patients, the public, hospital and medical staffs in the clinics, Urgent Care and Emergency Room, Holland Hospital is activating a free COVID-19 screening hotline.

If you have questions about COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider. For general Covid information, please visit:

You can also email the state of Michigan.

“Our priority is to protect our patients, staff and community by minimizing exposure and spread of the virus,” Mark Stid, MD, said. “Our triage hotline will ensure people get the appropriate level of care needed while protecting the public and health care workers. It’s important to remember that most people with the virus have mild or moderate symptoms and can recover at home.”

Holland Hospital strongly encourages anyone experiencing symptoms to call the COVID-19 hotline BEFORE seeking care at the hospital, Urgent Care and any offsite location, or a physician office including scheduled appointments.

Holland Hospital continues to work closely with federal, state and local partners. Holland Hospital’s emergency preparedness process is in place, and we stand ready to care for potential coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, locally.

To learn more about coronavirus and the steps Holland Hospital is taking to keep the community safe, visit hollandhospital.org/covid19.


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