Holland Hospital Partners with Metro Health – University of Michigan Health-West to Fight Stroke

In the event of a stroke, rapid treatment is essential. Holland Hospital and University of Michigan Health-West are now working together to fight stroke fast by adding a lifesaving procedure to the stroke treatment options in our area. The procedure, called neurothrombectomy, involves the surgical removal of a blood clot from a blood vessel in the brain and is used to treat acute strokes in certain situations.

Thanks to the partnership with U of M specialists, patients who require this procedure can be treated at Holland Hospital rather than traveling out of town for treatment – saving precious time when rapid treatment is vital. By teaming up with Metro Health-University of Michigan Health, Holland Hospital continues to ensure that patients and families in our community have local access to advanced stroke care.

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Remember the Signs of Stroke

To help you spot the signs of stroke, experts recommend you remember BEFAST:

B = Balance: Sudden loss of balance or coordination
E = Eyes: Sudden trouble seeing out of one or both eyes
F = Face: Sudden drooping of one side of the face
A = Arms: Sudden weakness or numbness in one arm
S = Speech: Sudden trouble speaking or confusion
T = Time: Call 911 immediately if you notice any of these signs

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  • Gus

    Stroke Survivor

    Gus's Story: Surviving After a Stroke

    After waking in the early morning feeling paralyzed and disoriented, Motorcycle enthusiast Gus Hendrixson is back to riding and fixing bikes. Thankfully, Gus's wife, Sandy, called 911, putting the wheels in motion for rapid response and treatment by Holland Hospital's stroke team. Hear Gus tell his story.

  • Stroke Care: Neurothrombectomy

    Stroke Care: Neurothrombectomy

    Fighting stroke faster. When specialized treatment for certain types of stroke is needed, the experts are here in Holland. Listen as emergency medicine physician Sandip Kothari explains more about neurothrombectomy .

  • B.E.F.A.S.T. and Call 911

    Know the signs, and remember to call 911


    If you or a loved one might have the symptoms of a stroke, time is crucial. Know the signs, and remember to call 911. Watch this video to learn more about the signs and symptoms of stroke.