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Healthy Life Programs is committed to guiding you on the road to better health by providing individual & group training aimed at preventing or treating chronic medical conditions. We currently offer the service listed below. Contact Healthy Life Programs to get started today.

Nutrition Coaching

Our Recipe is Your Success

With ever-changing diet trends, does a recipe for eating well exist? Is it possible to eat well and feel satisfied? Yes and yes—with Holland Hospital’s nutrition coaching. Our Registered Dietitian (RD) can help you realize your wellness goals with a comprehensive and customized plan. Optional Culinary Coaching session (60-min. hands on cooking lesson)

  • 3 sessions with RD / 30 minutes each
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test



Tobacco Free Coaching

This program offers a personalized approach to quitting nicotine and tobacco products for good. Learn about the stages of quitting and get one-on-one support thoughout the process. We work with you to develop your own personal quit plan. We will also discuss nicotine replacement products and how to effectively use them, how to cope with triggers and withdrawal symptoms, how to manage cravings and stress and live a life tobacco-free. Individual workbook is also included. Includes four 30-minute appointments.



Wellness Package

Looking to improve your diet and fitness level? Need help reaching your personal health goals? This Wellness Package includes three 30-minute visits with a Registered Dietitian and three 60-minute personal training sessions. Includes a body composition assessment and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing. Ongoing, call to register and to set up your first appointment. Optional Culinary Coaching session (60-min. hands on cooking lesson)



Personal Training

Meet one-on-one with a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer to develop a program specifically designed to fit your medical needs and fitness goals and maximize your workout while minimizing injury risk.


Intro to Fitness package* - $180
1 Personal Training session - $60
5 Personal Training sessions - $225
10 Personal Training sessions - $375

* 3 sessions: Includes a 1-hour fitness assessment and two 1-hour personal training sessions.

Breastfeeding Education Online

See What You Read: Better Breastfeeding answers all your breastfeeding questions. This booklet includes web-enhanced information which can be accessed for 6 months by using the pin number supplied. Dozens of video clips and helpful breastfeeding handouts are available for parents to view at home.



Childbirth Education Online

See What You Read, Childbirth is a web-enhanced program for families who cannot attend traditional classes. More than 50 short video clips bring the words and images in this book to life. This booklet includes web-enhanced information which can be accessed for 6 months by using the pin number supplied.



Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Metabolism is a vital part of weight and nutrition management.

Metabolic rate – the speed at which calories are burned – varies from person to person. Despite similar diet and activity levels, individuals with a faster metabolism gain less weight than those with a slower metabolism.

Knowledge is Power

To understand how many calories you actually burn, you need to know your Metabolic Rate. The most reliable way to measure your metabolism is to calculate the number of calories you would burn each day if you were awake but resting. By measuring oxygen consumed by the body, the Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR) calculates calories burned at rest to help pinpoint needs for weight loss, maintenance or gain.

A simple 10-minute breath test allows us to measure your RMR and calculate your caloric budget. Knowing your RMR, you can determine the nutrition and exercise program that meets your specific weight-management goals. This 30-minute service includes a feedback session with a Registered Dietitian or a Certified Personal Trainer.



Sleep Science Coaching

In our 24/7 hyper-connected culture, are you trying to squeeze out more and more from yourself? When there are not enough hours in the day, something has to give and often, it’s sleep. Quantity and quality of sleep influence:

  • immune function
  • metabolism
  • risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • memory
  • hormones
  • decision-making
  • attitude
  • alertness

Considerable research has gone into developing guidelines and scientific strategies designed to enhance sleep. Sleep Science Coaching will help you incorporate these strategies and provide long-term solutions to sleep difficulties.


$90 for three 30-minute sessions with a Sleep Science Coach

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  • Exercise is for Everyone

    Exercise is for Everyone

    Exercise is for Everyone

    Your body was meant to move at any age, shape and condition. Watch this Healthy Life Chat with certified medical exercise specialist and personal trainer Tina Vande Guchte. She'll explain the benefits of exercise and how support from a medical exercise specialist will help you achieve success, whatever your current level of fitness. Learn more .