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  • From eating right to staying active to nurturing a new hobby, Dr. Matthew Hilton, Lakeshore Health Partners – Family Medicine, and Certified Medical E

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  • You only have one heart. If it needs help, the area's leading experts are right here. Call 616-392-3824 or visit Holland Hospital and Spectrum Health

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  • John Gribar, MD, cardiologist with Spectrum Health Medical Group – Cardiovascular Services, delivers his speech, Healthy Hearts Matter, at Holland Hos

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  • Peter Christensen, DO, Lakeshore Health Partners - Family Medicine South Washington, delivers his speech, Reel Men Go to the Doctor, at Holland Hospit

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  • Matthew Hilton, DO, Lakeshore Health Partners Family Medicine – Zeeland and Sports Medicine, delivers his speech, Stay Active No Matter Your Sport, at

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  • Jason Myers, DO, Lakeshore Health Partners Family Medicine – Zeeland and Douglas, delivers his speech, Live Longer Than a Catfish, at Holland Hospital

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  • About This Podcast John Ludlow, MD, urologist with Western Michigan Urological Associates, delivers his speech, Men Have Hormones, Too, at Holland Hos

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  • Discover how a minimally invasive procedure called LINX can help cool the chronic burn of acid reflux. Presented by Dr. Brian Dishinger and Dr. Willia

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  • Let’s have a heart to heart about your cardiovascular health. Do you know your risk for heart disease? How often do you exercise? Why do regular check

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  • Because it can help detect prostate cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages, prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing can be a good idea. That

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  • It may be all fun and games for hoops fans, but for problem gamblers , March Madness is a dangerous time of year. Those few bucks you spend on a brack

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  • While colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S.—affecting 1 in 23 men and 1 in 25 women at some point during their lifetime—you’re fa

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  • While running may be considered the darling of aerobic exercise, putting one foot in front of the other at a moderate pace can also provide ample bene

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  • If you have diabetes, managing blood sugar should be top of mind. While keeping your blood sugar in check is vital, individuals with diabetes also nee

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  • While it’s often easier to talk about sports, current events or work, discussing your personal wellness could make a profound difference when it comes

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  • The most common reason people seek medical care isn’t diabetes, cancer or even heart disease. According to the National Institutes of Health, it’s pai

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