Tips To Help You Sleep Better

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Struggling to get good shuteye? Could too much stress, electronics use or a sleep disorder be to blame? In this Healthy Life Talk podcast, lifestyle medicine experts discuss healthy habits for getting the quality Zzzs you deserve.

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  • Tyler Murphy, MD

    Tyler Murphy

    Dr. Tyler Murphy is a board certified internist and lifestyle medicine specialist. He is the medical director of Holland Hospital's Lifestyle Medicine Clinic located at the Center for Good Health and is passionate about helping patients achieve health and wellness by optimizing nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness and reducing harmful environmental exposure. Dr. Murphy is married and has two children. He enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and is an avid cross country skier and cyclist.

    Dr. Murphy invites you to create your healthy path and schedule your Lifestyle Medicine appointment today. Call (616) 399-9522. All Podcasts by Tyler Murphy