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  • Get to the Heart of Your Heart Health


    You have more power over your heart health than you might think. In our latest Healthy Life Talk, our cardiovascular expert provides insights on what you can do to live a hear...

  • Tips To Help You Sleep Better


    Struggling to get good shuteye? Could too much stress, electronics use or a sleep disorder be to blame? In this Healthy Life Talk podcast, lifestyle medicine experts discuss h...

  • Discover Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating


    ’Tis the season to be jolly—and to overindulge. But you can avoid the weight gain that often accompanies the holidays and still savor what's on your plate. Jacqueline Murray, ...

  • Vaping Risks, Addictions & Treatments


    Once touted as harmless, e-cigarettes and vaping are now being linked to serious lung and neurological illnesses, and even deaths. Hear Holland Hospital’s Stephanie Stoneman, ...

  • Holland Hospital Spine: at the Leading Edge


    Nearly 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back or neck pain during their lives. If you’re one of them, Holland Hospital can help you get your life back. Neurosurgeon Dr....

  • Now Hear This: The Latest in Hearing Health


    Listen in as hearing specialists Joseph VanderMeer, MD, and Grace Lee, Audiologist, with Lakeshore Health Partners – Ear, Nose & Throat, provide the latest on hearing heal...

  • Men's Health: Invest in Yourself


    Matthew Hilton, DO, Lakeshore Health Partners - Family Medicine Zeeland and Holland Hospital Sports Medicine, delivers his presentation, Invest in Yourself, at the 2019 Hollan...

  • Listen Up: Screen Time Tips for Parents


    How much is too much? Mental health professionals Michael Jansen, Ph.D, and Scott Steenwyk, LMSW, with Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services, provide parents and caregiv...

  • Cooling Heartburn With LINX Surgery


    Discover how a minimally invasive procedure called LINX can help cool the chronic burn of acid reflux. Presented by Dr. Brian Dishinger and Dr. William Houskamp from Lakeshore...

  • Cardiovascular Treatments & Intervention


    Whether you’ve suffered a heart attack or someone you love is living with heart disease, there’s heartening news when it comes to cardiovascular treatment. In this Healthy Lif...