Would Hormones Help My Dryness?

Would Hormones Help My Dryness?
Yes, dryness is generalized in menopause, because the estrogen receptors we have from head to toe (and especially in genital tissues) have far-reaching influence! As we lose estrogen, we lose moisture in all kinds of tissues. Systemic estrogen is a possible solution; it can make remarkable improvement.

Systemic hormones are prescription hormone supplements to replace hormones we've lost. We can lose hormones in a variety of ways:

•    Premature menopause brought on by the surgical removal of ovaries
•    Ovary function which stops as a result of chemo- or radiation therapies
•    Natural menopause

Systemic hormones are prescribed to manage symptoms of menopause. The most common symptom in menopause is hot flashes, for which hormone use is very effective treatment. A drop in estrogen after menopause is also common and will eventually make our genital tissues less strong, less resilient, and less responsive. Our vaginal tissues thin, circulation drops, and if we are not sexually active, those changes happen much more quickly.

Though menopause is a natural and normal process, it isn’t always a pleasant one. Women today are less able to stop their daily activities when menopausal symptoms make them feel sick or tired. For some women the symptoms are unmanageable without some treatment. When menopause symptoms threaten to disrupt your life, it is time to discuss your options with your health care provider. Hormone supplementation, through either systemic or localized delivery, is one treatment possibility. There are others. Every woman is different, though, in the extent of the effect, so a three-month trial might be considered to see if there is a notable benefit.

You can keep up to date on the latest hormone therapy research news by visiting the website of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

If you're considering hormone therapy, give our office a call. As women's health experts and certified menopause practitioners, our patients to evaluate your midlife symptoms and customize a treatment plan that meet your most personal needs.

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  • Barb DePree, MD

    Barb DePree, MD

    Recipient of North American Menopause Society’s 2013 Certified Menopause Practitioner of the Year for her exceptional contributions to menopause care, Barb DePree, MD, specializes in menopausal medicine, hormone replacement therapy and sexual health. With nearly 25 years in women’s health, Dr. Barb has comfortably answered all the uncomfortable questions of sexual health and the changes that occur as we age.

    After completing her Master's in Medical Management, Dr. Barb launched her own website, MiddlesexMD.com, that connects with people across the country and provides additional advice and products for patients. Dr. DePree obtained her Clinical Cancer Genomics Community of Practice Certification through the City of Hope. In addition to being a provider at Holland Hospital Women's Specialty Care, Dr. DePree is also part of the Holland Hospital Breast Care team, seeing patients at Holland Hospital's High Risk Breast Clinic. 


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