Treatments & Services

We believe that the simplest diagnostic procedure is also the most important: the art of listening, really listening, to you.

What symptoms are you experiencing? How are those symptoms affecting your life? What do you hope to achieve? With the benefit of that understanding, we will work to develop a care plan matched to your personal situation and goals.

Comprehensive Care

Our midlife health specialists will work with you to develop your personal care plan:

    • Specialized health history questionnaire and physical
    • Routine PAP and gynecological care
    • Sexual health
    • Referrals for menopause-related issues such as bladder and pelvic health, bone health and breast health
    • Perimenopause and menopause treatment
    • Hormone therapy
    • Weight, nutrition and fitness counseling


Lakeshore Health Partners - Women's Health
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Laurie Birkholz, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Women's Health discusses female sexual dysfunction symptoms, causes and treatments.