3D Gait Analysis: Enjoy Running, Jogging Walking Without Pain or Injury

Holland Hospital Sports Medicine 3D Gait Analysis evaluates your personal running or walking form to identify your potential risk of injury and provide recommendations to prevent future injuries.

We are the only hospital in West Michigan that offers this break-through technology, which uses three high-definition cameras to record and map your body's movement while you walk or run on a treadmill. Data helps our medical staff identify movement patterns that may be causing your pain, or help you to correct your movements to prevent future injury.

Like nutrition and conditioning, understanding your gait is important to your success. No physician referral is needed. Although not covered by insurance, 3D Gait analysis can be a valuable investment toward injury prevention and a lifetime of running enjoyment. Schedule your 3D Gait appointment at our special introductory price of $275.

Watch the video above that shows how 3D Gait at Holland Hospital helped West Michigan runner Nicole DeNooyer avoid injury and keep enjoying the activity she loves. Call (616) 738-3884 to learn more and schedule your 3D Gait Analysis.


What is 3D Gait Analysis?

3D Gait is one of the most sophisticated gait analysis systems available to runners. Gait is the way we carry and move our bodies during running or walking. Multiple issues including joint inflexibility, limited range of motion and muscle strength imbalances can cause gait patterns that put you at an increased risk for injury. Gait analysis is an advanced system used to identify these personal biomechanical irregularities.

Three cameras and 35 body sensors capture and create an exact computer model of your stride. Relevant gait characteristics are identified and analyzed by fellowship trained Sports Medicine physician Courtney Erickson-Adams, MD. Featured include:
  • State-of-the-art, 3D motion capture system to accurately measure your movement patterns in all 3 dimensions of movement for the ankle, knee and hip joints
  • Gender-specific running evaluation reports
  • Gait norms from the world's largest database of walking/running biomechanics and clinical injury data
  • Individual gait patterns quantified and presented for interpretation and evidence-based decision making
  • Findings and explanations of gait measures available in a report and reviewed in a one-on-one meeting
  • Recommendations provided to help precisely predict your injury risk and provide steps to prevent running injuries in the future

Why 3D Gait Analysis?

With each step you take, your body endures a force equal to 2.5 times your body-weight. The demanding loads placed on a runner's body means that even small differences in running patterns may lead to a running injury. Research has shown that only 3D assessments are accurate enough to detect the small patterns that could cause a running injury.

What Can You Expect?

During your first appointment, your running history, training patterns and injury history will be discussed with a Certified Running Coach. After obtaining a brief running history, the Running Coach will perform the Gait Analysis. 

During your follow-up appointment a week later, Dr. Erickson-Adams will review your gait analysis and identify areas of strength and weakness and discuss how these are impacting your gait. Dr. Erickson-Adams will work with our Certified Running Coaches to provide recommendations and training modifications to decrease injury risk.

3D Gait Analysis is now being offered at a special introductory price of $275 which includes the initial appointment and 3D Gait testing as well as the follow-up appointment with results and recommendations. 3D Gait Analysis is not covered by insurance and does not require a physician referral. For more information call (616) 738-3884
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3D Gait Analysis is proven to identify and prevent running injuries. Holland Hospital is the only provider of 3D Gait Analysis in West Michigan and one of only forty providers worldwide.