Treatments & Services

If you have chronic shoulder pain, we offer options for relief and restoration of mobility.

Non-Surgical Treatment

If you are a candidate for non-surgical treatment for your pain your physician will work with you using a  combination of therapies. These may include:
  • Medication
  • Low-impact exercise to strengthen muscles
  • Heat and/or cold therapies
  • Weight management
  • Canes or other walking aids
  • Braces
  • Analyzing and avoiding day-to-day activities that contribute to pain

Surgical Solutions

Whether for total shoulder replacement , arthroscopic shoulder surgery , athletics-related damage or arthritis, our specialists recognize that even minimally-invasive operations are not to be undertaken lightly. Therefore, they make every effort to exhaust non-surgical options - be they ice, rest, physical or occupational therapy, medication or other conservative measures - before recommending a surgical intervention. However, sometimes shoulder surgery is the best option for relieving pain and/or restoring function.


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