Damage to the shoulder can happen in the bones, cartilage or ligaments. If pain from this damage becomes severe and does not respond to nonsurgical treatments, arthroscopy may be an option.

Arthroscopy is an alternative to “open” surgery that completely exposes the shoulder joint.

Arthroscopy may be recommended for shoulder problems such as:

  • A torn rotator cuff (the specialized shoulder tendons)
  • A bone spur or inflammation around the rotator cuff
  • Shoulder impingement, to remove the "pinching" spur
  • A torn or damaged cartilage ring (labrum) or ligaments
  • Shoulder instability, where the shoulder joint is loose and slides around too much or becomes dislocated (slips out of the ball and socket joint)
  • A torn or damaged biceps tendon
  • Inflammation or damaged lining of the joint, often caused by rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis of the collarbone
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