Our Patients Say It Best

We value and rely on the feedback we hear from our patients, family members and visitors. It provides insight and inspires us to improve while helping others. Read below some of those shared experiences.

My husband, Jim McCarthy, was treated in the Emergency Dept. & the ICU on 12/3 & 12/4. He and I received the most conscientious and kind care I have experienced in a hospital. Every person in each Dept. did their job but went beyond what was required. The following staff (in no order)were on duty those dates, & I thank them forever: Dr. Postma, Dr. Gezon, Dr. Sam, Dr. Batts, Tara Salas, Elliott M., Michelle T.,Jerrica G.,Jill B.,Ashley A., Olivia V., Kelsey J., Janelle K.,Alisa W., Carol K. Sharleen E., Eric D., Carrie W.., & Jan M..Both the ED staff and ICU staff were to be thanked in Jim's obituary, but only ICU appeared in print. My apologies to the ED staff and, again, you will all have my gratitude for always. Thank you, Jane McCarthy
- Jane McCarthy
We had our first child at Holland Hospital in April 2015. Whenever I think about that day, I always have great memories of my nurse, Betsy. She was such an incredible support of my desire to have an all-natural birth, provided total care and helped my husband talk me through the worst contractions. I will never forget the loving care that she provided to me on that very amazing day in our lives! I had total confidence in her ability to do what needed to be done. Thank you Betsy!
- Rachel Schmitt
I was visiting a friend in Holland on Sun July 5h when I began experiencing blurred vision, headache, confusion and nausea. We decided that I’d better get over to Holland Hospital ED ASAP. I was greeted in the ED by two young ladies who had a look of concern on their faces which cannot be faked. I was not asked about my insurance. I was not asked how I planned to pay. With care in their eyes my blood pressure was immediately checked, which turned out to be a whopping 208/115. I was asked to sit in a wheel chair and brought back to an examination room. I was treated like a human being, a person of value from the moment I presented. Staff looked into my eyes and explained with compassion and care what they were doing and why: CAT Scan, Chest X-ray, Blood Tests. I never once wondered what was going on, which led to a sense of peace and calm that one would not expect in a busy ED. I was there for 3 hours. I asked many questions. Each was answered patiently and thoroughly. When I left the ED my blood pressure was under control and I was feeling much better. I had a plan of action to follow with instruction to come back immediately should symptoms arise once again that evening. I would think with all the terrible things that ED staff sees from day to day it would be easy to become calloused and difficult to see each patient for the unique human being that they are. This was never the case for me. I felt understood and valued the entire time. Dr. Gezon and all the nurses and technicians that helped me were wonderful beyond expectation. Thank you to Holland Hospital and each staff member (I wish I could remember all their names) that represented your hospital is such a caring professional manner.
- Ronald LHuillier
I cannot thank you enough for the quality doctors at Holland Hospital. My surgery was a success and I am blessed to resume my old life. From the staff, Dr. Gerard and nurses to food and nutritional services and hospitality services, everyone treated me with kindness and compassion. Thank you, again, for your care!
Since my attack of pancreatitis, I've been in your place six times - always had a very positive experience. Thank you!
While camping in Holland over the Memorial Day weekend, I had severe abdominal pain. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with appendicitis. I can't say enough about how outstanding my care was. The environment was so clean and updated. The entire staff (nursing, medical, radiology, environmental services,dietary and volunteer services) was friendly and professional. Thanks for the great care you provided to me. 
- Jenny Goldsworthy
Dr. Fletcher
As a nurse who works with you frequently, I would like to say thank you for being kind, responsive, courteous and respectful to the nurses. It is truly appreciated.
Dr.James Dumerauf
Dr. Dumerauf is an amazing doctor who has helped me in so many different ways. I don't know where I would be without his kind, honest, positive and knowledgeable assistance. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- Heather Morgan, Holland
Emergency Physicians
I appreciate each and every one of you for your professional care. You're compassionate about what you do and it shows. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your team.
- Kim Leist
Emergency Physicians
EPI is an amazing group of physicians who are very competent, caring and dedicated physicians who have made a difference in many family lives. I have had the pleasure of working with them for 10 plus years and hope to keep working with this great ED family for many more years! Thanks EPI!
Emergency Physicians
I feel privileged to work with such an amazing group of physicians in Holland ED! Thank you for all that you do!
- Hannah Clark
Dr. Peter Knoester
Yours are the best hands to be in during surgery. Thank you for the outstanding care you give. God bless you.
Dr. Chris Wedeven
Thank you for taking such great care of me in surgery. I felt comfortable and safe.
Emergency Physicians
What a great group of physicians to work with. I am so appreciative of the trust you have in me as a nurse and your willingness to allow all nurses to really be a part of 'the team'. You all go above and beyond to care for the patients we see everyday and for the ED family. You are all appreciated beyond words. Thanks for all you do!
- Julie Smith
Dr. Edward Maas
Dr. Ed Maas is a long time coworker and friend. He always has a friendly smile to greet you and is so kind and patient. I enjoy working with him. I think he is an amazing radiologist who is knowledgeable and great with patients. He is always willing to answer questions even if he is busy. I really appreciate Dr. Maas!
- Kara Towne
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